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🛠 JPEG 2000 - Wikipedia

by decembre (via)
Aims of the standard: While there is a modest increase in compression performance of JPEG 2000 compared to JPEG, the main advantage offered by JPEG 2000 is the significant flexibility of the codestream. The codestream obtained after compression of an image with JPEG 2000 is scalable in nature, meaning that it can be decoded in a number of ways; for instance, by truncating the codestream at any point, one may obtain a representation of the image at a lower resolution, or signal-to-noise ratio – see scalable compression. By ordering the codestream in various ways, applications can achieve significant performance increases. However, as a consequence of this flexibility, JPEG 2000 requires codecs that are complex and computationally demanding. Another difference, in comparison with JPEG, is in terms of visual artifacts: JPEG 2000 only produces ringing artifacts, manifested as blur and rings near edges in the image, while JPEG produces both ringing artifacts and 'blocking' artifacts, due to its 8×8 blocks. French trad: Objectifs de la norme: Bien qu'il y ait une augmentation modeste des performances de compression de JPEG 2000 par rapport à JPEG, le principal avantage offert par JPEG 2000 est la flexibilité significative du flux codé.

🛠 IMAGE - ONLINE TOOL - Convertisseur SVG gratuit en ligne

by decembre (via)
Permet de convertir des images au format SVG, mais cela reste expérimental pour le moment. Vous pouvez charger une image depuis le PC ou indiquer l'URL menant à l'image que vous souhaitez convertir. Il est ensuite possible d'ajouter des effets numériques pour améliorer la qualité de l'image.

📛 FIR / CHROME - ADDON - ANTI FAKE TOOL - InVID Verification Plugin - InVID project

by decembre (via)
This toolkit is provided by the InVID european project to help journalists to verify content on social networks (please note that external InVID services used via this interface, such as those presented under the Analysis and Keyframes tabs, are not open-sourced). It has been designed as a verification “Swiss army knife” helping journalists to save time and be more efficient in their fact-checking and debunking tasks on social networks especially when verifying videos and images. The provided tools allow you to quickly get contextual information on Facebook and YouTube videos, to perform reverse image search on Google, Baidu or Yandex search engines, to fragment videos from various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Daily Motion) into keyframes, to enhance and explore keyframes and images through a magnifying lens, to query Twitter more efficiently through time intervals and many other filters, to read video and image metadata, to check the video copyrights, and to apply forensic filters on still images. The main features of the toolkit are explained below, and in the following tutorial video.

🛠 ONLINE - IMAGES - MARA: Une panoplie d'outils en ligne pour travailler les photos

by decembre
Avec l’application en ligne Mara, intégralement gratuite, l’amateur a à sa disposition une panoplie d’outils complète pour effectuer tout le travail sur ses images. L’interface de Mara rassemble sur une page les divers modules pour effectuer des tâches précises sur les photos. Pour chaque module on dispose parfois de très nombreuses options de personnalisation qui sont accessibles via un menu ou des boîtes d’options. Les photos à travailler se récupèrent en local depuis le disque dur de l’ordinateur, depuis une URL pour indiquer une image se trouvant sur un site Web, depuis le presse-papier, depuis un espace de stockage en ligne Dropbox ou depuis une Webcam connectée à l’ordinateur. La liste des outils — une grosse cinquantaine — est assez conséquente et devrait suffire à combler tous les besoins en manipulations sur les photos. Comme on peut le constater tous les aspects de l’édition et de la transformation graphique sont au programme : des fonctions de base aux filtres les plus élaborés.

Generative Placeholders

by srcmax
Use generative art as your image placeholders.


imgix • Real-time image processing and image CDN

by srcmax
imgix transforms, optimizes, and intelligently caches your entire image library for fast websites and apps using simple and robust URL parameters.


by NiMe
Faire des images avec des images

Sound Image

by NiMe
Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects, Texture Images, Game Art and Video Footage for your Projects by Eric Matyas

Basics - Cloudflare Images...

by srcmax
You can transform images on Cloudflare’s edge platform. You can resize, adjust quality, and convert images to WebP format on demand. We will automatically cache every derived image at the edge, so you only need to store one original image at your origin. This way you can quickly and easily adapt images to your site’s layout and your visitors’ screen sizes without maintaining a server-side image processing pipeline on your servers.


by srcmax
Client-side indecent content checking

2018 – Remove Background from Image

by dzc & 4 others
"Free service to remove the background of any photo. It works 100% automatically. (...) Our AI is trained to detect persons as foreground and everything else as background. That's why it only works if there is at least one person in the image"

Make sure Google can see lazy-loaded content  |  Search  |  Google Developers

by srcmax (via)
This document explains how to make sure Google can crawl and index lazy-loaded content.

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