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Cloud Mate: Make Sense of Your iCloud Files | Mac.AppStorm

by gregg
Cloud Mate Does iCloud Document Management Cleaner and Better



How Apple’s iCloud Will Rain On Google’s Parade

by alamat (via)
Apple’s iCloud service, expected to be unveiled next week, completes a perfect storm of features that could accelerate Apple’s growing dominance of computing and seriously undermine Google’s cloud strategy.

WWDC 2011 banners at Moscone Center show new iCloud icon

by alamat (via)
Apple is working to prepare San Francisco’s Moscone Center West for the company’s 2011 Worldwide Developer Conference to be held next week.

iCloud could potentially do wonders for sync | Productivity Apps | MacUser | Macworld

by oseres (via)
All we know for certain about iCloud so far is that Steve Jobs will tell us all just what the heck it is at next week’s Worldwide Developer Conference. For now, only a few folks in Cupertino know precisely what iCloud will be. But plenty of us have an idea of what it could be.

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