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Yes, those abducted Nigerian schoolgirls really could be sold into slavery. Here's how. - Vox

by sbrothier
Modern slavery is widespread and horrifying. Walk Free, an Australia-based anti-slavery group, estimates that about 30 million people are still forced into sex slavery (either in brothels or as "child brides"), hard labor, or marching in armies as a child. Modern slavery thrives on human trafficking, the recruitment and transportation of persons marked for slavery or other kinds of exploitation.


by sbrothier & 1 other
Nous devons relever cet immense défi. Si vous pensez qu’Internet devrait être accessible à tous, restez connecté pour lire nos dernières nouvelles et en savoir plus sur la manière de vous impliquer.


Portraits of burma's political prisoners by james mackay

by sbrothier
as burmese president, thein sein, is said to release more than 6,000 burmese prisoners and detainees, the work of south east asia and UK-based award-winning photographer james mackay becomes stirringly relevant. the artist has captured the portraits of up to 300 burmese political dissidents - each one holding their hand up in the classic buddhist gesture of ‘abhaya mudra’ to bear the name of fellow detainees jailed in recent decades. mackay travelled the world for three years to document these pictures, including undercover trips to burma in order to raise awareness and precipitate formative action to help.


OCHA oPt. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

by sbrothier
The OCHA office in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) was established in late 2000. The office was established in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza caused by military incursions and closures - mobility restrictions imposed on the Palestinian civilians, local and international service providers. OCHA-oPt aims to improve the humanitarian situation by enhancing coordination between agencies to ensure effective distribution of humanitarian assistance. It also enhances coordination and decision making through its dissemination of humanitarian information and analysis of facts.

Font Aid : The Society of Typographic Aficionados

by sbrothier
The Society of Typographic Aficionados is organizing Font Aid V — a collaborative project uniting the typographic and design communities with a goal of raising funds to expedite relief efforts after the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

SOGO Japan

by sbrothier
Sogo Japan is a charitable endeavor committed to provide funds DIRECTLY to Japanese relief organizations battling the effects of the devasting earthquakes and tsunamis. The focus is to deliver the fastest delivery and greatest impact of our donations to the people of Japan.


MSF Photo Blog

by sbrothier & 1 other
Médecins Sans Frontières photo blog


Apartheid in South Africa : un album sur Flickr

by sbrothier
Apartheid became the official policy of the Government of South Africa in 1948, following the election of the Herenigde Nasionale Party, later renamed the National Party. Under this policy, racial discrimination was institutionalized. The lives of the Africans, who made up almost 75 per cent of the population, were controlled by the unjust segregation laws from birth to the grave. They were proscribed where to live, who to marry and the type of education they would receive in the country of their birth.


by sbrothier
Thanks for visiting collect.give, a place to collect contemporary photography and donate to worthy causes at the same time. The photographers featured on collect.give have pledged to donate 100% of the profits from their print sales to worthwhile causes they support. Each has offered a print for sale, and chosen their price and edition size. New photographs will be added to the site in coming months, so please bookmark collect.give, and visit us again!



HDtv film Thailand

by springnet
In an Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa adventure, three eccentric middle-aged men - former soldiers and modern-day knights - travel the world delivering life-saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians and doctors.

T-Shirt | Wire

by sbrothier
The Refugee Council approached Wire to help them create a major publicity campaign to attract new members. As the UK's largest charitable organisation working with asylum seekers and refugees, The Refugee Council wanted to combat the lies and myths perpetuated by the media.

All in Diary - supporting website Relief

by wrijneveld
allerlei praktische tools voor relief work

BBC NEWS | Technology | $100 laptop could sell to public

by sbrothier
The backers of the One Laptop Per Child project are looking at the possibility of selling the machine to the public. One idea would be for customers to have to buy two laptops at once - with the second going to the developing world.


RSOE HAVARIA Emergency and Disaster Information Service

by nomadcom1 & 1 other
National Association of Radio-Distress Signalling and Infocommunications, Havaria Emergency and Disaster Information Services Budapest Hungary

ICVolunteers | ICVolontaires | ICVoluntarios - Welcome to ICVolunteers

by nomadcom1 & 1 other
ICVolunteers (International Conference Volunteers) is an international non-governmental organization that recruits, trains and coordinates volunteers for non-profit projects, events and conferences (conference support, cybervolunteerism and language services).

Informaticiens Sans Frontières

by nomadcom1 (via)
The rapid expansion of the New Technologies of Information and Communication in developing countries is creating conflicts and unbalances that can lead very soon to unsustainable situations, with negative effects on development.

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