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September 2005

quitting? no frets!

by ryanne
[saturday, 11 december 2004] Just heard about the quitting of a choral part leader in the Union Choir. Coincidentally, she was the alto part leader, and like me, she also quitted for health and academic reasons! Here's what she said on her xanga -- it's a

August 2005

rss feeds in hku subject blogs

by ryanne
[thursday, 24 march 2005] RSS in HKU!!!! but not the faculty of law......really very farn....seng yat yiu check webCT, yau receive ging dor law faculty email spams......use RSS mai 一天都光晒 lor.....

law faculty losing its gems

by ryanne
[wednesday, 08 june 2005] just learned from the SCMP that a remarkable number of EIGHT teachers are leaving the law faculty next year for all different reasons...they include Yash Ghai, Roda Mushkat, Carole Peterson, Lyal Sunga, Jill Cottrell, Matt Busheh

January 2005

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