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by djtrance
Nonstop rap och hip-hop dj mix av Dj Marvinen. Nu har jag redigerat och lagt upp min mix på nytt. Jag var tvungen att ta bort en låt så att blockeringen inte gäller 243 länder. Nu i den nya versionen är den bara blockad i Tyskland. Spellista Rapper`s Delight – Sugar hills gang King of rock – Run-Dmc Shoop – Salt-N-Pepa White lines – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Whit Grandmaster Melle mel The message – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Whit Grandmaster Melle mel Paid In Full – Erik B. & Rakim Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys Straight outta Comton – N.W.A Know How – Young Mc Walk This Way – Run-Dmc (feat. Eurosmith) Bust a Move – Young Mc Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc Jump – Kris Kross It`s Like That – Run-Dmc Streatdance – Breakmachine



System Solar - myspace

by colombia
Hiphop, electro, Cumbia de Bogota

2010 | The music of cities (location based music streaming)

by garret & 2 others lets one discover music produced in cities worldwide, metropolitan or small town, as well as it automatically locates ones current city. It’s based on SoundCloud API, using all the public geotagged music available. []

Magnatune: we are not evil (independant record label) | Full album streaming

by garret & 22 others
Stream or download music in MP3 format (no DRM) without charge before choosing whether to buy or not. (The MP3s available for free download have a small spoken word tag that mentions Magnatune appended to them.) [Wikipedia]

PHP Performance

by Xavier Lacot
A great talk recently given by Rasmus Lerdorf at the "Hacker Dojo' in San Francisco. Lots of goods inside, particularly around the usage of Hiphop PHP.

HipHop for Mac | HPHP Playground

by Xavier Lacot
HipHop PHP, Facebook's PHP preprocessor, has been ported to OSX. Nice features, and possibly a working install !


Les 100 Classiques du Rap Français

by marco
Tout est parti d'un message sur notre forum au début de l'été : Et si on élisait les 100 titres ultimes du rap hexagonal ?

Non-Rapper Dudes Series – eskay, part 1

by marco
If you want to check the newest/latest in the rap world, you’re first stop on the intehnets is probably gonna be Nah Right.

A Salute To Mr. Magic

by marco
"Every saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl"

R.I.P. Grandmaster Roc Raida Tribute Mix

by marco, 1 comment
Ohlala, comme il démonte son "Premier's Xecution" ! Le mix dégomme tout !!!

Philly Producer Says M.O.P Stole His Beat, Lil' Fame Responds

by marco
M.O.P. have no problem telling a producer from Philly they stole a beat of his for a track on their new album.

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