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From the Tips Box: Xbox Controller Hacks, High-Res iTunes Artwork, and Healthier Popcorn

by maxxyme
Grab iTunes Artwork for Music, Movies, and TV Shows Photo by Photo Mojo Matthew wote in with a roundabout way to retrieve blocked high-res iTunes artwork: It’s been a real drag not being able to get at the high-resolution artwork since Apple blocked our attempts (Ex: The Josher Method). But there is a new found way that is available to anyone that owns an Apple TV or possibly a regular Mac! While browsing my Apple TV, I noticed that when a movie, TV show, or song is selected, there is a high-res image of the album/cover art displayed to the left. This got me thinking, it has to be stored somewhere for it to show it. I did some digging and found a folder in the file system for just that purpose. Full-sized art in unencrypted jpg format is “cached” in separate folders on the hard drive. With a SSH or FTP-enabled Apple TV, navigate to /mnt/Scratch/private/tmp/Front Row/Images There, folders contain the cover art of all music/TV shows/movies that was selected in the last browsing session! There will also be the low-res images there, but ignore them. The high-res images will be named original.jpg.


Photoshop tutorial: Sharpen photos with high pass filter

by semichaotic
I don't use the photoshop unsharpen anymore - I prefer the high pass filter especially for applying selective sharpening. Don't hit it too hard though or the results will look artificial.



Universal Everything, Recent Activity > Audi TT, High Performance Art

by kruty
pubaudi TT, en 3D fond noir, particules de jet d'aerodynamisme contournant la caisse. c pas nouveau m'enfiçn cpas mal, juste je le remts en lien comme ça hop hop.


by 1babyclothes


by 1babyclothes


by 1babyclothes


by 1babyclothes

Diploma Factories: GED vs. Fake High School Diploma

by denmx
For today?s student, distance learning can provide a valuable and affordable way to work toward a GED. But there are a growing number of companies and schools who aren?t really in the business of education. Instead, they?re in the diploma business ? their biggest business is selling quick and easy programs or simple online tests that come with worthless transcripts and fake diplomas.

Smoking Risks and High Blood Pressure

by earlblack
When you play with fire, you get burned. When you smoke, you run the risk of getting burned inside and out. Whether tobacco is smoked, chewed, or taken in by any other means, the nicotine in the tobacco raises the blood pressure.

Welcome - Web Articles Of Womens High Heel Shoes

by james_snell
What are high quality boots? we know trade name name calling that are connected with quality for example commerce st. st. martin. in the yesteryear they have been so well idea of that the ...

Columbus High School

by bl5189e0
Pictures, News And A Lot More.

High Quality Diamonds

by bl5189e0
Information on high quality diamonds. Reviews and recent news.

High School of Tampa

by bl5189e0 & 1 other
About the High School of Tampa. Information, pictures and news.

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