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January 2008

Higgins Project Home

by CharlesNepote & 3 others
"Higgins is an open source Internet identity framework designed to integrate identity, profile, and social relationship information across multiple sites, applications, and devices. Higgins is not a protocol, it is software infrastructure to support a consistent user experience that works with all popular digital identity protocols, including WS-Trust, OpenID, SAML, XDI, LDAP, and so on." "The heart of the Higgins user experience is the i-card - a visual metaphor for a set of digital identity data about you, someone you know, or a website you use."

July 2006

Welcome to Bandit -

by wabaus
Bandit is a system of loosely-coupled components that provide consistent identity services and creates a community that organizes and standardizes identity-related technologies in an open way, promoting both interoperability and collaboration.. Includes: Common Identity (Higgins) CASA - Common Authentication Services Adapter Audit Record Framework Role Engine FLAIM - a FLexible Adaptable Information Management database engine

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