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Wolverine Vol. 1: Wolverine Goes to Hell

by alamat (via)
With all the Wolverine stories out there today, how do you create a new story arc that reminds us why Wolverine is so awesome? You get Jason Aaron to write it and send Wolvie to Hell!



Neighbours From Hell in Britain

by NFHiB
NFHiB (Neighbours From Hell in Britain) is an online community sharing information and advice about how to deal with nuisance neighbours. The site has discussion forums which are free to use and advice guides on issues such as anti-social behaviour orders, noisy neighbours and your legal rights.



by zboog
one of the most useless websites I've ever seen


Things I Hate About My Suitemate

by suffocatingq
Geek from hell terrorizes his suitemates, and they tell the story of his awful stench, his weird activities and their horrible experiences with him.

COM Interop Hell

by 13121982
We use a lot of .NET through COM interop and each of these objects needs to be registered and this is where things can get a little messy. If an interface or class doesn't have a GUID attribute then one is automatically generated depending on the signatur

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