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The French way of cancer treatment | Anya Schiffrin

by anbll
comparing French and American health systems


european directorate for the quality of medecine and healtcare

by maelo, 2 comments
european directorate for the quality of medecine and healtcare, european pharmacopoeia


How to encourage Universal Healthcare in America

by pokeie, 1 comment
A great rundown on the issues with Universal Health, and how to actually get America to go ahead and start wanting it and encourage it.

:: Search Locations ::

by rrhobbs
R. Richard Hobbs NYC Area Film Location Scout, Film Location Manager, Film Location Library and Photo Location and Production Services Search Locations

Health concerns: understanding your blood pressure results

by pona
This article will help you to interpret your blood pressure results, and explain the numbers given in the measurement and where they come from. High blood pressure is one of the greatest health concerns facing people today. Yet most people don’t unde...

GTx Announces Webcast of Corporate Presentation at the 27th Annual Cowen and Company Health Care Conference 

by us2go
MEMPHIS, Tenn.—-GTx, Inc. , announced today that management will present a company overview at the 27th Annual Cowen and Company Health Care Conference on March 13, 2007 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place hotel. more… By The Associated Pr...

Health Tips

by pome
A ntibiotics. Antibiotics are miracle drugs that fight infections caused by bacteria. However, some bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. Properly using antibiotics will ensure that WELCOME to Home and Health TipsHome and Health Tips - Provi...

Tips To Reduce Cancellations in Your Alternative Health Practice by Susanne Runion

by pome
Cancellations can cost your practice a sizable amount of money. This article will explain several techniques to reduce your cancellation rate in your alternative health practice to near zero. For the few cancellations that you will get, this article wi...


How to start a nursing agency, nurse registry, healthcare, nursing home, homecare, medical staffing agency, become independent contracotr

by marcy
How To Start Your Own Nursing Agency is an extensive guide on how to start a Nurse Agency, Nursing Registry, Nurse/Medical Staffing Agency, Healthcare Services, Homecare Services, Nursing Home, or become an Independent Nurse Contractor / Independent RN Contractor. Start your self-employment venture now!

Health care clinics can't keep up with demand

by jasontromm
Record numbers of patients are overwhelming local medical clinics for the poor, Carolinas HealthCare System officials say, and the hospital wants more public money to help cover rising costs. For the past decade, Mecklenburg County has paid CHS and Presbyterian Healthcare $17.8 million per year to subsidize the costs of treating those who cannot pay for health care. ()()Wonder how many of the people overwhelming these clinics are illegal aliens?

Sacred Cow Dung

by jdrsantos
Mythocracy in Venture Capital, Technology, Healthcare, Media, Internet, et al (Chief Dung Analyst: Christian Mayaud)

Pharmaceutical Consultants

by tagtooga
List of pharmaceutical consultants in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.


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