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Profile Import Demo

by nhoizey
De l'intérêt des microformats pour la structuration des données... « With this profile importer you can import your hcard annotated profile fields »


Microformats Bookmarklet › Left Logic

by ycc2106 & 3 others
bring up an overlay window of all the hCards and hCalendars within the current page. To save an individual item, click on the item heading and it will automatically (if you’re using Safari) save the .vcf or .ics files and import them in to Address Book or iCal. If you are saving your vcard or vevent in IE, it will prompt you to save an HTML file - make sure that when you save, you name it appropriately so that you can import it properly.

Lustro - milkcarton

by ycc2106
Lustro is a small application that exports your Address Book contacts to comma separated values, tab separated values, hCards and overwrites your Google Contacts.



by Elryk & 37 others
Approche de formatage de données basé sur le web qui cherche à réutiliser le contenu existant comme les métadonnées, en n'utilisant que des classes et attributs XHTML.


Safari Microformats plugin

by wabaus & 2 others
Import microformat hCards into AddressBook and hCalendars into iCal using this Safari plug-in. - Share and remix data using open standards

by CharlesNepote & 5 others
"Standardized Data Portability is the next great frontier for the web. As users, our identity, photos, videos and other forms of personal data should exist outside of any proprietary tool or vendor. We need a DNS for Identity. A distributed File System for data. This page will list the standards and contributors who are making it happen."

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