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Harry Kewell

by bl100bec & 1 other
News and blogs about Harry Kewell

December 2006

bande annonce Harry Potter 5

by sushi
une bande annonce bien courte, mais qui laisse pitoyablement entrevoir la coupe de cheveux de Daniel Radcliff. Que ceux qui souhaitent manifester contre cette horreur capillaire se lèvent !

April 2006

Möbius by Mandy (geneticallydead)

by music2084
In the history books, Harry Potter stood over the hollow corpse of Lord Voldemort, vibrant and triumphant, and incinerated that withered old body to the depths of hell. The real truth was, Severus Snape killed Voldemort. Not Harry Potter.

In Blood Only by E.M. Snape

by music2084
Snape is Harry's father. No one is happy to hear it. (WIP43)

Sanguis-Vinculum by Meri

by music2084
Harry and Severus unintentially form a blood bond which will enable them to join magic against Voldemort, but has the side effect of softening their feelings towards each other.

March 2006

The Black Road by guede_mazaka

by music2084
Once upon a time, Harry Potter was killed and Voldemort won the war. Things went from bad to worse, and strangely enough, this was even true for those that had supported Voldemort. Nothing in the world was as it should have been.

Mine by Gillian Middleton

by music2084
Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter! #

The Waters of March by Duinn Fionn

by music2084
Voldemort's final victim resides with the other spell-damaged wizards in St. Mungo's Hospital. Harry suffers survivor's guilt and finds an unusual beta. Cream-colored knee-high leather boots make a brief appearance.

Hedge of Thorns by earthquake

by music2084
A sensitive young tutor. A gloomy manor. H/D slash in the alternate universe of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. This longer and more torturous version has twice the Tragic SecretsTM of the original. (Sequel: Only Castles Burning)

Hall of Mirrors by ella_bane

by music2084
In the summer before Harry Potter's sixth year, he confronts a frightfully suspicious wizarding world, where friends are strangers, mirrors hide secrets, and enemies become lovers.

Snakes and Lions by GatewayGirl

by music2084
When Ron and Hermione get together, they notice only each other. A nightmare prompts Harry to return alone to the empty Chamber of Secrets, and leads to a new look at an old enemy.

Beech Hall by Aucta Sinistra

by music2084
This time, Dumbledore sends Snape to Harry's manor for his own protection.(Sequel: Without Ceremony)

Buried Life by Kalina Lea

by music2084
Harry disappears just before the start of his seventh year, and Hermione and Snape work together to find him.

What Separates Us by Amy

by music2084
Harry does something phenomnally stupid in Potions class, and the consquences are farther-reaching than anyone suspects.

A Necessary Evil by Kai

by music2084
After the Final Battle, Albus is pregnant and Lord Voldemort is almost-dead yet again.

Beautiful World by Cinnamon

by music2084
Draco is afraid of living and Harry is afraid of dying, but sometimes the choice isn't offered. Draco's got to learn what it is to really live, while showing Harry how beautiful the world really is when you're not too scared to see it.

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