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2007 :: Home

by Aspo & 1 other
JLime Linux is open source linux disburtion for older HP hand held pc (palmtop) models.. JLime is tested with hp6xx and 7xx series and it is partially working with these models, it is still in development so more supported models wil be coming in future..


by MichaelG
PPC, Handheld und Smartphoneportal für die perfekte Organisation unterwegs.


by stan (via)
TinyLine provides Mobile SVG Applications and Development Tools for Java devices. The applications and SDKs for different phones and handhelds could be downloaded from the Downloads. And you can check online samples at the Samples.

Palm Discovery» (re)Inspire. (re)Energize. (re)Explore. (re)Discover your Palm. (re)Discover an amazing device that will dramatically change and enhance your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Embark on a personal journey of discovery and enlightenmen

by maceyr
(re)Inspire. (re)Energize. (re)Explore. (re)Discover your Palm. (re)Discover an amazing device that will dramatically change and enhance your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Embark on a personal journey of discovery and enlightenment with the Palm. Video and software reviews with Flash simulations/demonstrations are ublished every week with a sprinkling of editorials, tips, and tricks throughout the week.


US Government Concerned about RIM Lawsuit

by teleclick
The American government has expressed concerns regarding the ongoing patent infringement case against Ontario-based Research in Motion, and its popular BlackBerry mobile computing device.

Nokia CEO Predicts Smartphone Market Growth

by teleclick
Nokia CEO, Jorma Ollila has made a prediction that the market for smartphones will double over the next year.

RIM to Release New Intel-Powered BlackBerry

by teleclick
Research in Motion has just unveiled the latest version of its popular BlackBerry device, which analysts say is the closest that they've ever come to making a true handheld computer.

US Robotics Releases New USB Phone

by teleclick
Modem and networking market leader, US Robotics, has announced the shipment of its new USB Internet Phone, the USR9600. This is the company’s first VoIP hardware release, and the beginning of a major line of such products.

Ola Eriksson's HOWTO for GPRS with Handspring Visor and Ericsson T39

by smudie
This document contains a short instruction on how to get a Handspring Visor PDA connected to the Internet via an Ericsson mobile phone using the GPRS protocol. (General Packet Radio Service)


by mbertier
accessories for handheld devices


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