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by oseres (via)
Donna takes care of the little things so you can stop worrying. Ever find yourself late because you forgot to consider traffic, how long it takes to park, or how you’re getting there? Donna pays attention for you so you can focus your time on the people you’re with. She'll let you know when it's time to go—and even phone you if you want. | Best Online GTD Service for Getting Things Done, Always Online, Always With You!

by gregg
The smart way to manage tasks with over 3,000,000 users throughout the world


Online time tracking, task management and project management :: Intervals

by oseres & 2 others
top Getting Dominated by Your Projects And join thousands of small businesses worldwide — in over 100 countries — using Intervals to take control of their time, tasks and projects.


Home - Sleeping Giant Apps

by oseres
The new, intuitively designed and stylishly simple app to help manage your busy life! All buff, and no fluff, HQ is unlike any other productivity app you’ve seen.


Gérer facilement vos emails avec la méthode GTD (pour Gmail)

by Giraultises
ActiveInbox est un plugin pour Firefox (ou Chrome) qui vous permettra de suivre vos actions directement dans votre boite Gmail, à l'aide de la méthode GTD (Getting Things Done - Méthode de gestion des priorités quotidiennes). Il suffira d'affecter un statut et un projet pour disposer d'une gestion plus fine de vos actions à réaliser.

Monitor: Stay on target | The Economist

by François Hodierne

Computing: Software that disables bits of your computer to make you more productive sounds daft, but may help keep distractions at bay

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