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gstreamermm: Gst::BaseSink Class Reference

by sylvainulg
The max-lateness property affects how the sink deals with buffers that arrive too late in the sink. A buffer arrives too late in the sink when the presentation time (as a combination of the last segment, buffer timestamp and element base_time) plus the duration is before the current time of the clock. If the frame is later than max-lateness, the sink will drop the buffer without calling the render method. This feature is disabled if sync is disabled, the get_times_vfunc() method does not return a valid start time or max-lateness is set to -1 (the default). Subclasses can use set_max_lateness() to configure the max-lateness value.

Using the Logitech C920 webcam with Gstreamer 1.2

by sylvainulg
It looks like we can also use the good old v4l2src to capture H.264 encoded streams from the Logitech C920:

Basic tutorial 10: GStreamer tools - GStreamer SDK documentation - GStreamer SDK documentation

by sylvainulg (via)
Elements can be named using the name property, in this way complex pipelines involving branches can be created. Names allow linking to elements created previously in the description, and are indispensable to use elements with multiple output pads, like demuxers or tees, for example. Named elements are referred to using their name followed by a dot. --- Instead of letting GStreamer choose which Pad to use when linking two elements, you may want to specify the Pads directly. You can do this by adding a dot plus the Pad name after the name of the element


Gstreamer Cheat Sheet - MyLabWiki

by nicolargo
Quelques très bonnes pipelines Gstreamer

Gnome Media Player 0.1.3 Released [Ubuntu PPA] ~ Web Upd8

by nicolargo
Gnome Media Player, un nouveau player (version 0.13) utilisant de manière transparente les moteurs VLC, GStreamer ou Xine ! A tester !

Screenshots - Firtree

by nicolargo
Firtree, un framework basée sur GStreamer très prometteur...


by nicolargo
Plugins Gstreamer avec plein d'effets et de manipulation sur les vidéos...

Gstreamer et identity

by nicolargo
Récupérer des informations sur les flux de streaming GStreamer

RTP and Gstreamer

by nicolargo
Documentation et exemple de l'utilisation de RTP avec GStreamer

Opera Core Concerns - (re-)Introducing <video>

by nicolargo (via)
Le navigateur Opera adopte le framework Gstreamer pour le traitement de la balise video


Release notes for GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.16 "Secret Handshakes"

by nicolargo
Sortie de la version 0.10.16 des plugins GStreamer Good

GStreamer WinBuilds [download]

by nicolargo
Bibliothèque GStreamer pour Windows

Main Page - PiTiViWiKi

by nicolargo (via)
Un éditeur de vidéo libre basé sur Gstreamer

GStreamer Application Development Manual (

by nicolargo
La doc officielle du développeur pour GStreamer

Coherence - a DLNA/UPnP Framework for the Digital Living - Trac

by nicolargo
A suivre, un serveur DLNA UPnP sous licence libre et proposant un framework Python

Help with RTP & GStreamer

by nicolargo (via)
Discussion sur comment (G)streamer en RTP/RTSP et récupérer le flux sous VideoLAN avec un fichier SDP.


Fedora 4.0 播放机支持mp3、wma的解决办法; | Fedora 中文用户

by realmip
Building Dependency Tree... Done The following extra packages will be installed:

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