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March 2007

Student Travel to Greece

by bl100bec & 1 other
student travel greece: resources, pictures, news and links

The Life Connection - Telemedicine Services in Greece

by fandygr
The Life Connection aims at the 24 hour benefit of cardiological services. The direct follow-up of patients from experienced doctors ,who are in co-operation with our centre, constitutes the most direct need of Telemedicine services in Greece. - Κεντρική σελίδα

by mundialito
one of the biggest greek sites

February 2007

Greek Blogs

by phivos & 1 other
Η σελίδα συγκεντρώνει όσα ελληνικά feeds μπόρεσα να βρώ. Στην λίστα όμως, εμφανίζονται μόνο τα 20 τελευταία. Και μόνο οι τίτλοι των post. Ούτε ο blogger που το έγραψε, ούτε μέρος ή τμήμα του post. Μόνο τίτλοι!

The Greek Diaspora Web List

by phivos
This page is just a collection of blogs and sites, greeks of the diaspora publish on the web.

Αθηναίοι του Πλανήτη

by phivos
Γεννηθήκαμε στην Αθήνα, αλλά ζούμε μακρυά της. Ελάτε να θυμηθούμε μαζί τα χρόνια εκείνα!

The Greek Adventure

by phivos
The blog about everything Greece. Ancient and modern. Be it travel, greek food, politics, history, anything. Some posts link to other sites, some are comments, some are original matter. Don't forget to visit often.

Για την Ελλάδα ρε γαμώτο!

by phivos
Τι μού λες για την Ελλάδα. Αμα έχεις γεννηθεί εκεί, αυτό το σιχτήρι το πήρες για πάντα στο πετσί σου! Σε βασανίζει και το πεθυμάς, σε ρεζιλεύει και το καμαρώνεις. Αθεράπευτη ευτυχοδυστυχία. Και το μόνο σίγουρο είναι πως είμαστε… από άλλο πλανήτη!

Phivos calling Moonchild

by phivos
Παιδί του Αριστοφάνη ο Φοίβος (phivos), έχει πράματα να σού πει. Για το καλό, για το κακό, για τη ζωή σ'έναν άλλο Πλανήτη!

Kefalonia Animal Trust

by GodSigmA
Working for Animal Welfare in Kefalonia and Ithaki.

Ithaki Cats

by GodSigmA
Animal welfare on Ithaca, Greece

Friends of the Cat

by GodSigmA
Friends of the Cat is a Greek registered charity which is dedicated to making life better for the cats of Greece.

January 2007

The Phivos Planet - Ο Φοίβος και ο Πλανήτης του

by phivos
Son of Aristophanes, Phivos (Φοίβος) invites you on his planet. A spot on the net, where everything is under the hilarious look of a passionate citizen. And I’m not joking! - Phivos' planet is also a Guide to Greece. Visit

Greek Blogs

by GodSigmA & 1 other
Greece is where the Art of Speech was born. Thousands of years later, Greeks still talk! Here's what they have to say!

skiathos island achladies apartments

by pav
holidays in greece are great try to visit skiathos and the achladies apartments

skiathos achladies apartments

by pav
travel to the greek islands and stay in skiathos at the achladies apartments

December 2006


by GodSigmA
Useful Information and Travel Guide about Kefalonia island

November 2006

Ancient Greece - The British Museum

by knann (via)
Interactive exhibit that examines the following topics:The Acropolis, Athens, Daily Life, Festivals & Games, Geography, Gods & Goddesses, Knowledge, Knowledge * Learning, Sparta, Time and War.


by safaga & 1 other (via)
More than 750 high resolution freely distributable Pictures of European and Mediterranean Landscapes: Armenia Austria Brussels Spain Greece Egypt Morocco Russia Ukraine Swizerland Italy France Istanbul and more

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Programmes

by infokerja (via)
The Bank`s fund and implement its scholarship programmes as part of its overall effort in the development of human resources of its member countries and those of the Muslim communities in non-member countries.There are three scholarship programmes offered

September 2006