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🛠 GM - Go Home - Search on Fire

by decembre
After a certain amount of time the user is inactive (default is 10 minutes) this script redirects a tab to the homepage. This appears to be useful for Kiosk browsing environments – after someone leaves the computer the next person can start at the home page again.


🛠 GitHub - CDN - RawGit tool

by decembre
For use on production websites with any amount of traffic. Files are served via MaxCDN's super fast global CDN. No traffic limits or throttling. It's best to use a specific tag or commit hash in the URL (not a branch). Files are cached permanently after the first request. The catch: this is a free service, so there are no uptime or support guarantees.


Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome

by nhoizey
Greasemetal is a userscript runtime for Google Chrome. The runtime hosts userscripts (tiny javascript files that modify the webpages being displayed) to be executed on Google Chrome, similar to what Greasemonkey does for Mozilla Firefox, or Greasekit does for Safari.


Hack 12. Avoid Common Pitfalls

by maxxyme
Avoid common pitfalls while writing your Greasemonkey userscripts

Helvetwitter |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
Helvetica Skin js greasmonkey pour Twitter

ginatrapani's greasemonkey-multi-script-compiler at master - GitHub

by nhoizey
Builds a standalone Firefox extension from Greasemonkey user scripts, with a user interface that lets you turn any script on or off.

Greasefire :: Add-ons for Firefox

by nhoizey & 1 other
Automatically find Greasemonkey scripts on

Force Low Quality Flash for Greasemonkey

by Aspo (via)
Make flash playable on older computers with firefox and greasemonkey script!

On password fields masking and Jakob Nielsen

by philippej
"... a GreaseMonkey script that adds a link to any password field that allows me to toggle its display..."

brad's life - AddressBooker & exporting my Facebook Phonebook

by Xavier Lacot
A GreaseMonke script for exporting Facebook contacts phone numbers to iCal. And finally get Facebook - IPhone synchronization!

delicious star rater for Greasemonkey

by philippej & 2 others (via)

"... rate your most favourite bookmarks on with an awesome star-rater."

A priori à utiliser avec parcimonie. Mais pas une mauvaise idée quand même... A essayer pour voir !

Trac Improvements - Web Services - University Wiki

by Xavier Lacot
A collection of Greasemokey scripts that enhance the Trac user experience.


Delicious button for Google Reader for Greasemonkey

by damdec
Add a "Add to delicious" button next to buttons "Next/Prev element" and react to the shortcut "d". Pre-fill the form getting title, url and selected text for the description.

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