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BodyWorks Games

by knann (via)
Hi! We're Art and Spleen from PROBE, PROfessional Body Explorers. Do you know how your body works? Let’s find out!


Tony Fraction Pizza Game

by knann (via)
Can you fill the customer's order with the right amount of toppings? Choose the Pizza size for the order then add your toppings. Click send to finish!


Maggie's Learning Adventures Home

by knann
This index page presents 14 quick games for teachers to give to their students in order to practice math, grammar, Spanish, and science skills. A link to a helpful teacher's guide and recommended booklist is also included.

Odd One Out

by knann (via)
Whic problem answer is different from the rest? That's the odd one out! Good for for mental math.....

Math Adventures

by knann
Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in two adventure games.


by knann
Click the letters to create as many new words as possible. Find the 6 letter word and automatically qualify for the next round.

Dance Mat Typing - Learn to type

by knann & 1 other
Full typing program with 4 levels. Choose full screen version.

GeoNet Game

by knann & 2 others (via)
Online geography game for the United States and World. Games are centered on the 5 themes of geography.

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