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June 2008

K-6 Science

by knann
MacMillan/McGraw-Hill science editions online with animated and audio content.

Human Body Systems

by knann
MacMillan/McGraw-Hill resource for gr 5 unit on Human Body Systems. Animations and audio. Great for DI

March 2008

BAM! Body and Mind |

by knann, 1 comment (via)
From the CDC, a great interactive site for health topics: diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, your safety, your life, your body. Resources for teachers here as well.

October 2007

coolfood kidz

by knann (via)
Interactive site about food and food choices

BodyWorks Games

by knann (via)
Hi! We're Art and Spleen from PROBE, PROfessional Body Explorers. Do you know how your body works? Let’s find out!

Life Science Connections - Human Body Adventure

by knann (via)
Engaging site designed by a middle school teacher for grade 7 life science, but content can be used for 5th grade unit because of the way the information is presented in bulleted format with graphics. If students have trouble using the naviagation menu, use the site map:

The Balanced Plate

by knann
Learn about balancing the food groups then try sorting foods.

The Watershed Game

by knann (via)
This is an interactive computer game which illustrates how human actions affect water quality within a community. Players take on the role of a city planner, and must make choices about recreational, agricultural, industrial, and residential development projects. The choices made by players will determine how much of a negative impact the project will have on the water and habitat within the community

Virtual River

by knann (via)
An enrichment site for 5th grade River Study

Great Plant Escape

by knann
Interactive reading environment for the study of plants geared for grades 4 and 5. Each of the lessons in this program is interdisciplinary, designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow. Activities enhance student's math, science, language arts, social studies, music and art. You have many options in this program. Choose any or all of the suggested activities for your class. Many activities are for students to work independently and some are for group work.

September 2007

The Space Place

by knann (via)
Come on in and check out our games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.

May 2007

Active Science:Body Builder

by knann
Activity for Grade 5 Human Body Unit

February 2007

Funny animals - Pictures and video clips

by knann (via)
Our philosophy is that the more we learn about animals, the more we respect them and take better care of them. Do you want to learn something new every day about animals? On this frequently updated page you will find information and news about animals. You can even add "animal of the day" to your own site (read more)

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