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January 2009

Science Up Close

by knann (via)
Harcourt Science grades 1-6 with audio narration

July 2008

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Build a Neighborhood Activity

by knann
A neighborhood is a place where people live, work, play and pretend. What kind of neighborhood picture do you want to make? A house, a farm, a construction site or our Neighborhood of Make-Believe? Create a scene then write about it! Choose one area to get started, then create your own neighborhood with the pictures on the bottom

June 2008

K-6 Science

by knann
MacMillan/McGraw-Hill science editions online with animated and audio content.

The Circle of Life - Butterflies -

by knann
Great site for whole class for early primary.

December 2007

Papunet games

by knann
large screen, accessible games including Soduko, dominoes, puzzles, etc

October 2007

Kids' Lab Reading Workout

by knann
Great site for grades 1, 2, 3 for reading. Click the dropdown button to select the grade level.

September 2007

eWord Game

by knann
Companion to textbook Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary but still useful for grades 1-6. Hover over the word or definition to hear it read aloud.

Geography Thematic Units

by knann
The majority of the Thematic Units are written for ages 7-9. Younger children can use them with help from adults, and older children can use them for extra learning or for their reports. There is a cost for each unit, but it is only $2.00...a good value!! Must be purchased per classroom. Many other subject areas available.

Continent and Ocean Flashcards

by knann
Printable flashcards for Continents and Oceans for a game of GO Fish!

August 2007

Monarch Watch

by knann (via)
:Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research Great site for the study of monarch butterflies.

May 2007

Desert WebQuest

by knann
As a class we have been talking about deserts and their climate. We have identified and located many deserts from around the world. Deserts are very hot and dry places. It is not easy to find water in a desert. Have you ever wondered how so many plants and animals can survive in a desert?

March 2007

RAINFOREST maths by Jenny Eather

by knann
Interactive math activities for K-6


by knann & 5 others
Kerpoof is a site designed to inspire creativity among children as they interact with the pictures. They can select a scene and add items to the scene and/or adjust object sizes . The scenes are richly varied, containing fantasy as well as international items. The site promises to change often. You can also find coloring sheets to print and color. You and your students can customize your own scenes, if you join (see classroom use tips). - 7759 In the Classroom: Use these online "scenes" for students to create their own writing prompts. Let students choose (you might want to limited their options to save time)and work individually or create a scene for the whole class on an interactive whiteboard. Then print it out and ask students to tell the story or write the paragraph about the scene. Special ed teachers and speech/language clinicians can use Kerpoof to prompt vocabulary development. Incorporate social studies and science curriculum topics by describing scenes with community workers, careers, farm animals, and more. NO reading required except to select print, save, etc. If you "join" as a teacher, you can save the scenes your class creates and revisit them at a later date. Do NOT allow students to join unless you have parent permission. The information requested is very safe, but it would be simpler to use a whole-class account.

February 2007

Time for Kids

by knann & 1 other
Current news articles for grades k-1, 2-3, 4-7. Use with Clicker 5 or WordTalk for text to spech. Find the article, click the Print button. A new, plain web page will appear. Copy and paste directly into Word or a new Clicker document.

Meddybumps Learning Activities

by knann
Lots of activities for early primary students including puzzles, spatial concepts, and fine motor control

December 2006

Nutrition Explorations

by knann
Engaging online activities for the nutrition/food unit. Little D the Dragon: Help him get through the maze and get to the banquet on time! Arianna and Marcus: Join them on their amazing expedition! Can you help them make nutritious choices? Monster Nutrition: A new interactive game. Feed the Monster! Shopping List: Download this helpful list and fill in the blanks. Lets go Shopping! Nutrition Tracker: Record your meals and then compare your servings. Score!

October 2006

Mrs Watt's Second Grade : Literary Gallery

by knann (via)
Classroom blog with a variety of engaging prompts and project showcase.

GameGoo - Literacy Games

by knann
Great set of games for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Appropriate for multiage 1-2. Activities range from phonemic awareness to vocabulary development (synonyms)

BookPALS Storyline Online

by knann (via)
Screen actors guild members read books aloud via streaming video. Includes activities and lesson ideas. View in full screen. Combine video of the actor/actress reading and the actual pages from the book.

May 2006

World Explorers

by knann
Great site for grades 2-3 on the topic of World Explorers from Portugal, Spain, France, and Englad. Reading Comprehension for Grades 2, 3, and up.

December 2005

Willy the Watchdog

by knann
Q: What kind of dog can tell time? A: A WATCHDOG! Click BEGIN to play the game Help Willie the Watchdog tell time.

NCTM : Illuminations Lessons

by knann
Interactive Math tools for grades for K-12. Accompanied by lesson plans and NCTM standards

November 2005


by knann
Select easy, medium or difficult to generate a new pattern then complete the sequence.

Math Adventures

by knann
Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in two adventure games.

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