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How To Change Belief

by ceorris
Reviews of both free and paid material, ranging from the old self help classics to the latest programs based on neuroscience and quantum physics

Lured by Fame, Fortune and Power | Law of Attraction Simplified

by kcaptk711
Here’s the deal. Whenever you use someone or something outside of yourself to make you happy, you have the recipe for disaster. The bottom line is: If you want happiness then be happy from the inside out. Don't expect to create happiness from the outside in.

Choose Your Goals Wisely | Law of Attraction Simplified

by kcaptk711
Do goals work? Yes they do, even if they are not yours. Let me give you an example. When I was at a maritime school, the mission of the school, besides giving me a good education, was for me to become a Captain. In four years at the academy I can’t tell you how many times they prefaced everything as if I was already a Captain. In my mind and the school’s I was already a maritime Captain.

Loud Actions

by asp_bb
I can remember a time when I worked everyday in a cubicle, (COUGH), when I would spend weeks at a time planning and designing very complex computer hardware. Once state machines were designed and specifications reviewed, I would sit down and design th...

Statue Depicts Billy Graham Preaching Again

by YukihiroKawashi
It's been years since Billy Graham stood on a street corner and preached the gospel, but thanks to a new statue, his figure now will be seen every day in downtown ...

Come All Ye Faithful Bring Your Bible Hymn Book and U2

by YukihiroKawashi
I sit on the sofa listening to U2s If God will Send His Angels not because I am Bonos 1 fan but because I want to hear what is captivating the churches lately the U2charist

Black Ministers Join to Reduce Youth Cigarette Smoking

by YukihiroKawashi & 1 other
A group of black ministers is preaching against cigarette smoking among St. Louis area ...

Goal Planning

by lifechange
Having a strategic plan for your life separates you from the 85% of the people who never accomplish a single resolution they set for themselves.


Mecanbe / self help / self development / self improvement / goals

by DavidAustri123 & 1 other
A free service that helps individuals or groups track goals, evaluate performance and measure ongoing progress. All this is wrapped in a social framework to help inspire and empower goal achievement.

Making Goals Work | Simple Steps Goal Work | Successful Entrepreneurs Setting Goals

by grvmkauy
Let's explore this together in four simple but crucial steps. We are not going to go through the goal setting techniques per se, we are just going to identify and fill in those missing links.

Paul's Goals

by springnet & 3 others
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Joe's Goals

by nackereia & 6 others
Sign up and make goals of habits you want to make and habits you want to break. You can keep track of how well you've done througout the week.

Joe's Goals

by dhfriedman & 1 other
Way to keep track of goals

A Helping hand on your Journey to Success

by jvpro
Do you desire a higher level of success in your life? Are you lost on the highway to success? I understand how you feel cos I've been there before. It's definitely not a great feeling. That's why this site is dedicated to giving you the knowledge and mindsets which will help you make your journey that little bit easier. This site is meant to be a consolidation of knowledge that will give you that extra push in your journey of Personal Development and Success. Carpe Diem ... Seize the Day!

Your goals as waveform

by grahamenglish & 1 other
I thought it would be appropriate to use a waveform as a metaphor for your pursuit of musical goals--such as absolute pitch--or pursuit of anything for that matter.

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