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العراق يمول طاحونته الحربية والغرب يمول رفاهية شعبه

by iep
Democracy,Desertification,diplomacy,Ecology,global warming,Greenhouse gases GHG,Iraq ,Iraqi Environment Party,,peace,reenhouse effect,refugee,solidarity

دعنا نجعل العراق بلدا يمكن العودة اليه ونفتخر ب

by iep
Democracy,Desertification,diplomacy,Ecology,global warming,Greenhouse gases GHG,Iraq ,Iraqi Environment Party,,peace,reenhouse effect,refugee,solidarity

Polar explorer Steger says polar bears' new status highlights the dangers of global warming

by Newspartnergroup
The polar bear just got listed as a threatened species, but veteran polar explorer Will Steger and the team he's leading in the Canadian Arctic found themselves threatened - by the bears.


BBC - Science & Nature - Climate Change

by knann
Resources for understanding Climate Change/Global warming (last link on page:More Climate Change from around the BBC) Try the Climate Challenge game Would the planet survive if you were in power? Innovate, trade and persuade other nations to help you save the environment.

Global warming opens Arctic seabed to the search for oil and gas

by Newspartnergroup
The Arctic is rich in natural resources, including hydrocarbons, and rapid thawing due to global warming could make exploiting those mineral resources feasible relatively soon.

Clean Planet

by Kaktus_1991 & 2 others
all about green life and problems of our environment

Don't Blame The Sun For Global Warming

by steve468 (via)
Ever since Al Gore's Documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" won an oscar for its exemplary coverage of the controversial issue of Global Warming, the skeptics have crawled out of the woodwork to contradict the indisputable findings of leading scientists across the globe. The debunkers have and will continue to dispute the facts surrounding climate change and greenhouse gases because it disrupts their ultimate purpose in this world, which is to get rich regardless of the consequences.

Going for zero

by faheydesign (via)
A blog dedicated to global warming awareness and the solutions to stop it.

Climate Ark

by Mal Burns & 1 other
New Climate Change and Global Warming Portal - a busy site with plenty to follow.

2006 - California sues car firms on fumes - Sep 21, 2006

by sorin_postelnicu
California sued six of the world's largest automakers over global warming on Wednesday, charging that greenhouse gases from their vehicles have caused billions of dollars in damages.


BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Backing for deep carbon storage

by hyperfp
The UK government is set to announce significant funding for projects that will capture greenhouse gases and then store them under the North Sea.

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