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Poster :: Add-ons for Firefox

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A developer tool for interacting with web services and other web resources that lets you make HTTP requests, set the entity body, and content type. This allows you to interact with web services and inspect the results... very neat and useful indeed!


Facts Behind Hair Loss In Men

by kzoo
Going bald is a fact of life for millions of men. Adults lose about 10,000 scalp hairs each and every day. Hair normally lives for around five years. With male pattern baldness these hairs do not always get replaced and gradually bald areas appear.

Carsonified » The Definitive Guide to GET vs POST

by Spone & 3 others
Unfortunately there is a lot misuse of GET over POST and vice versa. Both HTTP methods can achieve the same goals, but an incorrect choice between them can lead to unexpected and potentially harmful outcomes. So, to make sure we get things right, I present to you the definitive guide of choosing between GET and POST.


Get Cheap mp3 downloads for your MP3 Player

by kzoo
If you ever tried to find inexpensive mp3 music to download from Internet you know how dull and difficult this task is. You come across endless links which are absolutely useless. Of course, not all of them fruitless, there are some cheap mp3 music download websites which really contain good music. However their number leaves much to be desired.

News Videos - Shadowscope

by bhartzer
Voxant posts to the News Blog regularly, at least once per day and sometimes more. It s not always the top stories that you get jammed into your brain on television either.


Get Rid Of Deep Wrinkles

by bl100bec
Information On Get Rid Of Deep Wrinkles.

Get out of your cell-phone/mobile/wireless contract

by Yate & 2 others was first conceived response to a major issue plaguing millions of cellular consumers: getting stuck in a cellular contract with unsatisfactory service...

something that realy works

by girtsl
The first program that offers an ipod for 20$. You don`t need to look for referrals. All you have to do is wait in the "line" (~2,5 mounths). You need just a e-gold account. This is something realy alternative (page, program created by some Slovakian guy`s). But who ceares - the shiping is 100% free.



by MetaMarket
Get paid to click! That’s right, no selling, no downline and no investment required. Just click on links and get paid! It really is that simple!

Apple - Get a Mac - Watch The TV Ads

by felixlaumon & 6 others
超串的Apple Computer 新廣告: Get a Mac Campaign

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