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2008 - Mozilla - Launchy - launchy.xml generator

by cascamorto
This page helps the users of Launchy to generate the launchy.xml file.


web 2.0 & Online generators [100 ] —

by cascamorto & 6 others
Check out some of the more popular web 2.0 generators. these make it easy to add stuff like badges, stripes, loading gifs, rounded corners and more to your site.At the moment the web is all colorfull and web 2.0 stylish, so take your chance and get one one of these fancy things made in under a minute. you can even build a whole Xhtm/CSS valid page at Gridlayouts Here is the list of online generator specifically for web 2.0 design.

Create RSS Feeds, Make Your Own RSS Feeds, Publish RSS - Web RSS

by cascamorto
Create your own RSS feeds and track how they do by day, week and month. Ping your feed out to the major ping servers and publish your feed on your website or blog. # Create RSS Feeds without any programing skills # Update your feed without updating the code just login and add more items. # Make your own RSS feeds for News, Podcasts and More! # We host your RSS feed for free! # Track your feeds hits by day, week or month # Get cut and paste code for your feed to place on your site # Ping your feed to the major ping servers for free # Validate your Feed # Edit your feeds at any time and have the update Instantly display on your website. gives rss feeds to sites without feeds

by cascamorto & 24 others
» Generate feeds for any website or specific page » Save those feeds, so you can read them in any rss reader. One click adding. » Syndicate those feeds: put the headlines on your own website » Monitor websites realtime: always know the latest news from any webpage

Dapper: The Data Mapper

by cascamorto
Easily provide new means for people to access your content (such as RSS). You can use Dapper to create feeds, widgets, and APIs with your content and links.

WEP de facto key generator

by cascamorto
Passphrase to hexadecimal WEP keys Enter the passphrase below.


Feedity - RSS Web Feed Generator for Web Pages without Syndication

by cascamorto & 2 others
Feedity (formerly FeedTier) is a web feeds generator for web pages without an existing syndication format like RSS or Atom. Feedity performs content analysis, picks-up the most prominent cluster of hyperlinks and automatically generates RSS web feeds from web pages without existing syndication. Feedity (beta) is an experimental service and free for personal use.

by bordelina & 1 other (via)
annuaire de sites de générateurs de toute sorte

Feed43 (Feed For Free) : Convert any web page to news feed on the fly

by cascamorto & 51 others
Your favorite site doesn't provide news feeds? This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly.Create your own feed. It's free, and even no registration required!

L\'ange - L\'annuaire des Générateurs...

by cascamorto & 3 others
Générateur d'Image - Générateur de Son - Site à Base Interactive - Générateur d'Alerte email - Générateur de Contenu Web - Générateur Multimedia - Outil Logiciel Générateur

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