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November 2006


by jlesage
with a social eye, she looks at a kitchen changing with a blended family, being a soccer mom, and shooting with a hidden digital camera in a strip club at the customer-woman interactions there

Place: Cultural, Disability, Ethnic, Media, Postcolonial, Race Studies

by jlesage
huge multi-page database of links on space and place in cultural geography as applicable to interdisciplinary studies

October 2006

July 2006

City of Sadness by Hou Hsiao-Hsien

by jlesage
a large hypertextual site with an analysis of the Taiwan classic film in its various aspects, especially social/historical and aesthetic; an early example of the possibilities of using the Internet for in-depth film analysis and yet to be surpassed

June 2006

EServer: Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

by jlesage
large bibliography with links to many full text essays--american studies, critical legal studies, literature, marxism, media, popular culture, postcolonialism, queer, race, women's studies

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