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18 February 2005 19:00

GenderChanger Academy

by lunar
The Gender Changer Academy is a nonprofit organisation by women for women, its primary goal being to improve women's understanding and skills with regards to computer hardware.

17 February 2005 16:00

g r e p | g r r l

by lunar & 1 other
#grep|grrl is an IRC channel that wants to be a space of mutual exchange and open discussions on computers, free software and linux. it is not a girl-exclusive channel, although it is made by girls for girls.

HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux

by lunar & 1 other
This article explains some of the difficulties and biases women face in the Linux community and examines various strategies for addressing those difficulties in order to encourage more participation by women.

17 February 2005 15:00

linux virgin

by lunar
linux virgin 1.1-1.5 series, an erotic and informative video series about learning to build a computer to run linux on.

Debian Women

by lunar
The Debian Women project was founded in May 2004. We seek to balance and diversify the Debian Project by actively engaging with interested women and encouraging them to become more involved with Debian.

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