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07 August 2006

BonkuraEllie : Spn : Daddy Wasn't There : vid

by Olivia
Funny, silly, sad, poignant, and sweet. Very absurd and wonderful vid.

06 August 2006

BonkuraEllie : Spn : I'm Gonna Be : vid

by Olivia
Aw. A bit literal in spots, and lacks focus, but it's very sweet. Vidder says it's wincest, but can just as easily be read as gen.

anothermatter : Spn : Holding Out For A Hero : vid

by Olivia
Video quality is crappy, but the vid is pretty good. Fast paced, nice symmetry.

Allie : Spn : I'll Make A Man Out Of You : vid

by Olivia
John and his boys. Humor. Not technically polished, but very cute. She used, like, one of my favorite songs of all time! ^__^

pureglasscup : Sailor Moon : Love At First Sight : vid

by Olivia
Live-action Sailor Moon. Cute and sugarsweet. Very cool.

like-cheap-wine : Spn : priest fetish : fanart

by Olivia
#23-33 : Set of ten Supernatural icons. Beautiful.

johanirae : Spn : A Laughter Turned Cold : fanart

by Olivia
Sam at Stanford. Wonderful little sequential art piece. Tender and quiet.

03 August 2006

angstslashhope : Spn : Liminal : fic

by Olivia
A nice little Dean and John vignette. Sexuality. Angst. Men. And stuff.

01 August 2006

fryadvocate : Spn : Missed the Mark : fic

by Olivia
AU - What if the Winchester boys had been born girls? Insightful, sweet, awesome characterization. Set pre-series through the Pilot. I'm as in love with GirlDean as I am with BoyDean. <3

angstslashhope : Spn : Field of Mars : fic

by Olivia
Sequel to On The Banks of The Tiber. All the adjectives I can think of wouldn't come close to doing this justice. Gotta be in my top five alltime favorite SPN fics. Truly excellent John characterization. Wounding, but so beautiful. Excellent.

31 July 2006

30 July 2006

anteka : Spn : Plastic!Winchester Theatre Episode 4 - 1/4 : fanart

by Olivia
Part one of Episode Four. HAH. The passport. OH MY GOD.

28 July 2006

Emily : Still Life : Run : vid

by Olivia
A Still Life vid! And it's very good. As much as the execution of Still Life sucked baboon butt, I loved the story, have a fierce kind of love for it. So YAY. Touching. I may have cried, just a little.

sargraf : Spn : Catalogue of Touches, Brotherly Manlove 18 : meta

by Olivia
Something Wicked. Insightful re: Dean's insecurity, physicality.

ladymango : Spn : untitled (Dean's Polaroid Collection) : fanart

by Olivia
Dean's Polaroid collection (scroll down - second piece.) Charming. Funny. Just.. it makes me happy.

26 July 2006