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25 June 2006

Boondock Saints : outtakes : clip

by Olivia
naked boys will be boys. slapping and nose flicking. *heart* (connor and murph are at the end)

23 June 2006

gekizetsu : SPN : drunken Sam-fu Part 2 - The Shining : fanart

by Olivia
Drunk Sam informs Steven King about the Shinning, and about how much he SucKs. The stains are a nice touch.

20 June 2006

carbon-janoxide : Constantine : Consequences : vid

by Olivia
I watch this often. Lacks a strong narrative, but the use of music and movement for dramatic effect is good. Some slow parts, but otherwise, very smooth. Gen, with hints of Chas/Constantine.

fryadvocate : SPN : Stay : fic

by Olivia
Subtle. Beautiful. The boys are hard and quiet, dedicated and a little cruel. Living only for their crusade, and for each other.

19 June 2006

pheebs1 : SPN : Touch : fic

by Olivia
Exploration of the Winchester brothers through a theme. Some Briticisms, but otherwise good. Interesting.

stillane : SPN : Somatic : fic

by Olivia
Excellent. You can guess what kind of story this is from the beginning, but she leaves enough mystery for you to want to read on, to confirm your suspicions, to want to know what comes next. Ending is beautiful. Well written. Highly recommended.

18 June 2006

fryadvocate : SPN : Salvation is for Sinners : fic

by Olivia
Beautiful, interesting exploration of Pastor Jim's character. The Winchesters through Jim's eyes are fresh, unique. Recommended.

scribblinlenore : SPN : Paradise Where You Choose It : fic

by Olivia
nice little moody piece. fluff, no mysteries, but enjoyable and sweet.

17 June 2006

marinarusalka : SPN : Fistful of Rain : fic

by Olivia
Five lives Dean Winchester never lived. All of these are solid, well-written, amazing what-ifs. Awesome genfic. Highly recommended.

16 June 2006

elishavah : SPN : Catch as Catch Can : fic

by Olivia
good gen fic. boys being boys. brotherly competition and love. guns and blades and popcorn.

marinarusalka : SPN : Cars : fic

by Olivia
charming, funny. John isn't an asshole in this one. The Impala and the Sierra Grande.

gekizetsu : SPN : Month of Open Doors 1 - And Fools Shine On : fic

by Olivia
good, satisfying, compelling fiction. angst and brotherly love. awesome. highly recommended.

15 June 2006

14 June 2006

13 June 2006

thandie : XF : Big Man with a Gun : vid

by Olivia
ah.. sweet sublimation. not technically polished, but I can't resist a Krycek montage with guns and shooting and slick black polymer and steel and omg.

urdsama : SPN : The Dean Show : fanart

by Olivia
the Dean Show community : archive for urdsama's Supernatural chibis. So very cute. ^__^

blondiusmaximus : SPN : various doodles : fanart

by Olivia
aw :) lots of little SPN doodles, and some jensen and jared ones. cute. ^__^

10 June 2006

09 June 2006

pureglasscup : XMEN : Devil Inside : vid

by Olivia
I've watched this tons of times -- always enjoyable. High energy, fun. Lots of action. Very well done.

02 June 2006

ringwench : SPN : I Woke Up In A Car : vid

by Olivia
sam-centric vid. good, both technically and thematically. awesome!

29 May 2006

28 May 2006

lyra_wing : SPN : It's Got Bells On : fic

by Olivia
funny and cute. teen Sam and Dean. pranking.

26 May 2006

lithium-doll : SPN : Too Sick To Pray : vid

by Olivia
john vid. good, interesting effects. i like it a lot. and she says this is only a draft!