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08 July 2006

marinarusalka : Spn : Fields Where Valor Led : fic

by Olivia
Three memorial days. Excellent John characterization.

jwynn : Spn : Tiny A's All in a Row : fic

by Olivia
Dean is Sam's mother, big brother, best friend. Sam is his everything. Just a little heavy-handed in spots, but good.

ignipes : Spn : The Only People for Me Are the Mad Ones : fic

by Olivia
Another quiet and wonderful piece. Two brothers, in a field of flowers, under an oak tree; and there are all different kinds of unions.

07 July 2006

ignipes : Spn : Monkey-wrench : fic

by Olivia
A layered and subtle post-Devil's Trap fic. Good.

ignipes : Spn : King of All the Wild Things : fic

by Olivia
Quiet, introspective gen piece. I love all the little details, and the intimacy between brothers. The things they say without saying them. The things they won't say. The deep, but incomplete knowledge that comes from a lifetime of shared experiences.

ignipes : Spn : Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread and Gasoline : fic

by Olivia
Excellent gen piece. John, young Sam and Dean, the end of summer. Quiet, but sharp, and very real. Wonderful little details. Good characterization, voices. Impressive.

ignipes : Spn : Family Secrets : fic

by Olivia
Jess marries into the Winchester family, with everything that means. An AU where Mary survived the demon and the fire. I didn't think I would like this -- so often these kinds of things are handled clumsily -- but this is very good. Moving.

ignipes : Spn : Even In California : fic

by Olivia
Gen. Sam's first Christmas at Stanford. A quiet, emotional piece.

06 July 2006

ignipes : Spn : Dawn : fic

by Olivia
A gen vignette. I love these quiet little inbetween times.

ignipes : Spn : Candles and Cake : fic

by Olivia
Wonderful gen piece. Sam and birthdays. Well-written. Good Sam voice. Touching and sentimental, without being maudlin.

05 July 2006

fryadvocate : spn : credo ut intelligam : fic

by Olivia
Clever, smart, and touching. Learning Latin as an extended metaphor; could have easily misfired in the hands of a less-skilled writer. Great characterization. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

charmax : spn : The Way We Get By : vid

by Olivia
No narrative, just a "best of" vid. Fast-paced, visually interesting.

lithium-doll : spn : Faint : vid

by Olivia
Sibling rivalry, Winchester-style. Great vid. Awesome movement; maintains visual and thematic interest throughout; seamless. Recommended.

03 July 2006

02 July 2006

koyote19 : spn : dark side of the moon : fic

by Olivia
Dean and Bobby. A quiet mood piece. I like the easy familiarity they have, and the way Dean lets his guard down around Bobby. Vulnerable, open, without masks. Nice.

30 June 2006

26 June 2006

blondiusmaximus and ladyjaida : spn : After Michigan : fic/fanart

by Olivia
Fun, touching story -- the boys celebrate Christmas in their own special Winchester way. A few typos, etc, but still good. The journal is awesome.

25 June 2006