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15 July 2006

14 July 2006

Herman Melville : Moby Dick : fic

by Olivia
IIn my all-time top ten. Can be adolescent at times, but dark and surreal, sexual, prophetic and strange. PS - Ishmael and Queequeg are totally doing it. I love the chapter with the clenching hands in the sperm. Smoking after harpooning!

11 July 2006

gekizetsu : Spn : Crossroads - The Unlit Path / Crossroads - The Well Lit Path : fic

by Olivia
A devastating Scarecrow-based AU. And a funny version, just in case the first one made you kinda sad..

tabaqui : Spn : Brightness Falls from the Air : fic

by Olivia
Very good Devil's Trap-based story. Touching. BabyWinchesters. Excellent John.

traveller : Spn : rituale romanum : fic

by Olivia
Part one in an AU where the Brothers Winchesters are priests. Clever, but not gimmicky. Insightful, excellent characterization, conception. Skilled, as always.

monkeycrackmary : Spn : Gingerbread : fic

by Olivia
Aw! Totally cool AU, where the demon got what it was looking for, the first time.

10 July 2006

mona1347 : Spn : Parts of Speech : fic

by Olivia
Sam leaves Dean behind. Excellent, wonderful introspective Dean piece. Highly, highly recommended, as in, if you haven't read this yet you need to stop what you're doing and read this NOW.

desertport : Spn : Cover Your Plans In Sand : fic

by Olivia
Dean didn't know what he expected, when he decided to visit Sam at Stanford; but he never expected this.

laytoncolt : Spn : untitled : fic

by Olivia
Nice introspective character piece. Who Sam is, who he wants to be.

gekizetsu : Spn : Clear : fic

by Olivia
Post-Nightmare, Sam confronts his fears and self-doubt.

jboob999 : Batman Begins : Take On Me : vid

by Olivia
Kinda goofy, kinda cool. It runs a little long, maybe could have done with some audio editing.. but the end scene is awesome.

Mothers of Girr : Pocahontas : Return To Innocence : vid

by Olivia
Awesome. I never liked this song, but it works great here.

Pocahontas : Colors of the Wind : clip

by Olivia
The song from Pocahontas. One of my favorites.

SS2K : Mulan : I Like Chinese : vid

by Olivia
Oh, so bad. And yet.. tee hee.

Krizia : Mulan : Breakaway : vid

by Olivia
I like this. :) The literal interpretation works well here, I think.

09 July 2006

whereupon : Spn : and see how well we rhyme : fic

by Olivia
Distances, crossed lines, bleeding in and out of each other, trying to find focus. A balance. Impressionistic. Beautiful.

moment-of-sen : Spn : untitled Sam and Dean : fanart

by Olivia
Dean gets sick and has to stay home. Teen Sam babies his big brother. ^__^ So cute.

08 July 2006

whereupon : Spn : Pirate Moon : fic

by Olivia
Fatigue, weariness, bonedeep ache. Tight and bright like fever, the pinpoint narrowing of focus and how everything and nothing makes sense.

Menomena : Cough Coughing : pv

by Olivia
This is pretty much the story of my life, right here.

marinarusalka : Spn : Between the Lines : fic

by Olivia
Sam is thirteen. A very sweet gen story. Nice John voice.