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August 2006

lithium_doll : Spn : Evening on the Ground : vid

by Olivia
Beautiful, amazing vid. This is special. Highest recommendation.

TasukiLover05 : FuYu : Bad Day : vid

by Olivia
A tribute to Nuriko. CONTAINS SPOILERS. Unpolished, but emotionally effective (if you're totally in love with Nuriko, I guess. And how can anyone not be?) Probably won't make any sense to non Fushigi Yuugi fans..

BonkuraEllie : Spn : Daddy Wasn't There : vid

by Olivia
Funny, silly, sad, poignant, and sweet. Very absurd and wonderful vid.

BonkuraEllie : Spn : I'm Gonna Be : vid

by Olivia
Aw. A bit literal in spots, and lacks focus, but it's very sweet. Vidder says it's wincest, but can just as easily be read as gen.

anothermatter : Spn : Holding Out For A Hero : vid

by Olivia
Video quality is crappy, but the vid is pretty good. Fast paced, nice symmetry.

Allie : Spn : I'll Make A Man Out Of You : vid

by Olivia
John and his boys. Humor. Not technically polished, but very cute. She used, like, one of my favorite songs of all time! ^__^

pureglasscup : Sailor Moon : Love At First Sight : vid

by Olivia
Live-action Sailor Moon. Cute and sugarsweet. Very cool.

July 2006

Emily : Still Life : Run : vid

by Olivia
A Still Life vid! And it's very good. As much as the execution of Still Life sucked baboon butt, I loved the story, have a fierce kind of love for it. So YAY. Touching. I may have cried, just a little.

angstslashope : Spn/BdS : Bro-yay : vid

by Olivia
Not a vid so much as an.. art.. project.. thing. Supernatural clips side-by-side with Boondock Saints clips, and the effect is rather humorous, and also, smokin' hot because DUH.

jboob999 : Batman Begins : Take On Me : vid

by Olivia
Kinda goofy, kinda cool. It runs a little long, maybe could have done with some audio editing.. but the end scene is awesome.

Mothers of Girr : Pocahontas : Return To Innocence : vid

by Olivia
Awesome. I never liked this song, but it works great here.

SS2K : Mulan : I Like Chinese : vid

by Olivia
Oh, so bad. And yet.. tee hee.

Krizia : Mulan : Breakaway : vid

by Olivia
I like this. :) The literal interpretation works well here, I think.

charmax : spn : The Way We Get By : vid

by Olivia
No narrative, just a "best of" vid. Fast-paced, visually interesting.

lithium-doll : spn : Faint : vid

by Olivia
Sibling rivalry, Winchester-style. Great vid. Awesome movement; maintains visual and thematic interest throughout; seamless. Recommended.

June 2006

carbon-janoxide : Constantine : Consequences : vid

by Olivia
I watch this often. Lacks a strong narrative, but the use of music and movement for dramatic effect is good. Some slow parts, but otherwise, very smooth. Gen, with hints of Chas/Constantine.

thandie : XF : Big Man with a Gun : vid

by Olivia
ah.. sweet sublimation. not technically polished, but I can't resist a Krycek montage with guns and shooting and slick black polymer and steel and omg.

pureglasscup : XMEN : Devil Inside : vid

by Olivia
I've watched this tons of times -- always enjoyable. High energy, fun. Lots of action. Very well done.

ringwench : SPN : I Woke Up In A Car : vid

by Olivia
sam-centric vid. good, both technically and thematically. awesome!

May 2006

lithium-doll : SPN : Too Sick To Pray : vid

by Olivia
john vid. good, interesting effects. i like it a lot. and she says this is only a draft!

boonies : SPN : Dr. Evil : vid

by Olivia
DEVIL'S TRAP SPOILERS. i watch this when i need to be cheered up. short. cracked. probably won't be funny unless you've seen Austin Powers.

April 2006

ringwench : SPN : Vitamin R : vid

by Olivia
really good episodic vid for "Nightmares"

mkitty-03 : SPN : Breathe : vid

by Olivia
Dean-centric. Emotionally affecting. Interesting use of speed.

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