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September 2006

traveller : Spn : Water From The Well : fic

by Olivia
Post DT fic. Interesting original characters.

July 2006

traveller : Spn : leaving louisiana in the broad daylight : fic

by Olivia
Dean-centric het. Oblique Sam/Dean. Wonderful. Perfect. Everything I wish I'd written. She sees and feels her imagery and stories and ideas in a way that feels very familiar to me. She uses words in ways I grasp at, but can't catch. Excellent.

traveller : Spn : rituale romanum : fic

by Olivia
Part one in an AU where the Brothers Winchesters are priests. Clever, but not gimmicky. Insightful, excellent characterization, conception. Skilled, as always.

March 2006

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