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September 2006

gekizetsu : Spn : Sometimes The Weapon Chooses You : fic

by Olivia
Second piece, after Name Three Kids. Salvation AU. Future fic. Sam's daughter Mary, and weapons training.

gekizetsu : Spn : Happy Ending : fic

by Olivia
Salvation AU. Clan Winchester. Domestic fuzzies.

gekizetsu : Spn : Once A Week, But For The Rest Of Your Life : fic

by Olivia
Salvation AU. Dean's daughter Charlie at two years old. Domestic and quiet and wonderful. Refreshing to read an author who's not afraid to love her characters.

gekizetsu : Spn : Morning Came In The Meantime : fic

by Olivia
Salvation AU. Sam+Sarah=Allie. HappyFic. Tender Dean. Babies and domesticity and warm fuzzies.

August 2006

gekizetsu : Spn : Marked : fic

by Olivia
Stanford-era, Dean. Angels and demons. Very cool, interesting. The author is adept at creating her own worlds, and making you interested in them, letting you experience them. There is richness and depth to her writing, done without excess language.

gekizetsu : Spn : Immutable Law 4/5 : fic

by Olivia
Flocked for content. Immutable Law Part Four : The Winsexin! Which is less sexy (although it is, because we're talking soul-deep love and bottomDean,) and more breath-stealing scary. Not boo scary, but Oh My Boys *bites knuckle* scary.

gekizetsu : Spn : Immutable Law - 3/5 : fic

by Olivia
Flocked for content. Part three of Immutable Law. <3

gekizetsu : Spn : Immutable Law - 2/5 : fic

by Olivia
Part two of five. Amazing! Read this now! I have much love! Much spazzing love!

gekizetsu : Spn : Immutable Law - 1/5 : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. BEST GENDERSWAP EVER. Forget every single one you've ever read. This is it, right here.

July 2006

gekizetsu : Spn : Crossroads - The Unlit Path / Crossroads - The Well Lit Path : fic

by Olivia
A devastating Scarecrow-based AU. And a funny version, just in case the first one made you kinda sad..

gekizetsu : Spn : Clear : fic

by Olivia
Post-Nightmare, Sam confronts his fears and self-doubt.

June 2006

gekizetsu : SPN : drunken Sam-fu Part 2 - The Shining : fanart

by Olivia
Drunk Sam informs Steven King about the Shinning, and about how much he SucKs. The stains are a nice touch.

gekizetsu : SPN : Month of Open Doors 1 - And Fools Shine On : fic

by Olivia
good, satisfying, compelling fiction. angst and brotherly love. awesome. highly recommended.

May 2006

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