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Dailymotion - PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. - une vidéo Art et Création

by fgranger & 1 other
RT @nitot: Sublime: #video #pixels #8bits #geeky // Superbe !





by Pandora
geeks looking for something to do.

50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work

by Pandora & 8 others
How to write a book using quotas and rewards.


by Pandora & 79 others
From the creators of Gawker media.

How Apple is going to screw webloggers!

by Pandora
Apple's just pissed because now they HAVE to put out a $500 Mac.

Predictions for 2005? - Engadget -

by Pandora
"...make your predictions about what the year ahead holds for the world of gadgets and electronics."



by Pandora
an apple program for journaling and adding your journal to the internet.

Turn your PC into a Mac - Engadget -

by Pandora
Download these programs first and then get ready to fool some people! [via Linkfilter]

RIM BlackBerry 7750 review - Smartphones - CNET Reviews

by Pandora
"Research in Motion pumps out another basic smart phone that gets the job done with minimal fuss." [via CNet]

PHPBBforFree Home - The Future of Forum Hosting.

by Pandora
"PHPBBforFree is a service which offers free PHPBB hosting using an automatic and custom forum creation script. PHPBBforFree allows you to setup a free online PHPBB forum instantly in seconds with full control over your free PHPBB chat forum. PHPBBforFree


by Pandora
Cellsocket saves money, uses your regular phone to make cellphone calls. [via]

ColorMixers: ColorMatch Remix

by Pandora & 48 others
Excellent for picking an "outfit" for your blog. Mine is dd3e48 [via Linkpool]

Blackberry Blog

by Pandora
one of my favorite gadgets has a blog!

Prevent Link Rot in your Published Work: Page 1 of 2

by Pandora
I have the same problem. Should I go back and change the blog entries with linkrot or just leave them to wither up?

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