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April 2008

English Spelling Games and Activities

by knann (via)
Lots of interactive activities for spelling.

January 2006

Mac Performance In The Raw - Wow! The Intel iMac Is Almost As Fast As The Quad Core Power Mac - How Macworld Pulled A "Not So Fast" One ...

by zboog
We are pleased to report that our testing results show that the new Dual Core Intel iMac, which clocks in at 2X 2.0GHz is almost as fast as the current high-end Power Mac that has two Dual Core G5 processors running at 2.5GHz.

October 2005

Comparing fractions and percentages activity.

by knann
An interactive exploration to compare fractions and percentages using a pizza, candy bar, measuring cup, and group of people. Good whole class activity or small group.

Introduction to Fractions

by knann
Two interactive explorations to visualize fractions. Good for whole class activities, recognizing patterns. Provides different ways of representing fractions (pizza, candy bar, people, measuring cup)

August 2005

NATURE: Video Database & More

by knann
Video clips from PBS Nature series. Some clips have companion sites. Requires Realplayer. The Animal guide provides basic description information and a "critter fact". Try the "Fun and Games" section under the Cool Interactives heading at the bottom of the main page.

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