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McGrath: Proposal for a new Fedora project []

by ghis
Interesting point of view of a lead developer of Fedora. "There's no reason in the world we can't spread free software via web applications / cloud computing. Even though someone chooses to run windows or OSX, there's no reason they can't do their primary computing on free software. Perhaps provided by their ISP, their business, other ISPs."

Understand The Web · Ben Ward

by ghis & 3 others (via)
Perceptions of the web is changing. People are advocating that we treat the web like another application framework. An open, cross-platform, multi-device rival to Flash and Cocoa and everything else. I’m all for making the web richer, and exposing new functionality, but I value what makes the web weblike much, much more.



by kemar
et paf ! maintenant sur pownce ! [from]

Panasonic announce continuation of Technics turntables

by maxxyme
The UK arm of the Japanese corporation have denied rumours that their turntable manufacturing will cease.

We need a tag evolution « Faviki Blog

by ycc2106
Nova Spivack, the founder of Twine, held an interesting presentation about the future of the Web on the Next Web conference in Amsterdam. He thinks that we are currently in the process of Internet evolution in which tags are having an increasing significance. He predicts that in the next 10 to 15 years tags will have an increasingly important part while keywords will gradually disappear.

YouTube - AT&T 1993 "You Will" Ads

by fastclemmy
Smart & somehow realistic "anticipation" ad, for once.

Gov 2.0: It’s All About The Platform

by ycc2106
But as with Web 2.0, the real secret of success in Government 2.0 is thinking about government as a platform. If there’s one thing we learn from the technology industry, it’s that every big winner has been a platform company: someone whose success has enabled others, who’ve built on their work and multiplied its impact. Microsoft put “a PC on every desk and in every home,” the internet connected those PCs, Google enabled a generation of ad-supported startups, Apple turned the phone market upside down by letting developers loose to invent applications no phone company would ever have thought of. In each case, the platform provider raised the bar, and created opportunities for others to exploit. Annotated link

Productivity Future Vision

by ycc2106
As you watch the video, think about how the technical trends we observe today can be extrapolated to create the experiences we depict in the future. When you’re done, tell us what you think, and share your ideas for what you would like to see the future hold.

Microsoft Office Labs

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Take a step into the future and explore how technology can improve the way you manage work and life.


Lover Pods Include Built-in Champagne Holders and Flat-Panel Video

by jst33z
The sleep pods of the future will take romance to a new level. Consider the red velour, the bottle of bubbling chilling, maybe even a virtual fireplace crackling on the 32-inch LCD — who wouldn’t be ready for love. [via Gizmodo] It’s...

TV Will Destory Your Mind (if it hasn't done so already)

by jst33z
It’s Web Wednesday in Hong Kong again tonight. This week’s special guest is from television — no she’s not famous. She’s Ivy Wong, COO for (one of Hong Kong’s local broadcasters — Warning: the site not ...

ELASTRA - The Infinite Database

by springnet
ELASTRA is the world's first infinitely scalable solution for running standard relational databases in an on-demand computing cloud. ELASTRA's exclusive, high-performance S3DFS storage technologies enable a standard RDBMS to be deployed on Amazon's Elasti

11 Things To Know About Semantic Web - ReadWriteWeb

by Xavier Lacot
"Semantic Web will start the long, slow decline of relational database technology", "If you have a firm grasp of the theoretical underpinnings of the semantic web, things like RDF, tuples, Sparql and OWL that make my brain hurt, you will be able to charge a fat premium in consulting fees for a while, as not many people really understand this stuff. But make hay while the sun shines, as some entrepreneur will surely figure out how to abstract this stuff and make it accessible for the masses."

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