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February 2007

"My Funny Video" Golf With Snowballs - Google Video

by RickardBillson (via)
My Funny Video What do you do when it snows in Minnesota? Go play golf and make ... all ยป a funny video. Some slightly off kilter guy whacks around a few snowballs with a golf club in a funny video. USA Minnesota Golfing Funny Video "My Funny Video" Originally posted at Nuciferous Video Blogging

My Funny Video on Google

by CoyoteDigital & 1 other
"My Funny Video" was created by the evil mastermind Rickard Billson

My Funny Video on Google

by LarryFinkelstein & 1 other (via)
This is a video done by a friend of mine called my funny video. I told him I would post it around for him. He is a great guy who loves to make funny videos and play golf

Increase Adsense Reveneu Using Free Online Video

by zamhaziq
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November 2006

Mr Pregnant - SHES A MANIAC

by videos
New York City's uprising star and world class entertainer Mr. Pregnant's giving a new version of "She's a maniac". What do you think he is?

June 2006

Curious George W Bush

by menace
george breaks it down in this funny rap video

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