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Tax Saver Fund vs Unit Linked Equity Schemes

by nag_sunny
According to the prevailing tax laws, one can save tax on the investments in noted mutual funds, insurance, ULIPs upto Rs. 1 Lakh. ULIPs are work as mutual funds exception, they provide insurance also. However linking the insurance with the investment is debatable. In my view insurance should be taken by everyone but at the same time it should not combined with investment. Investments are something different to the insurance. Another point to be noted here is all the ULIPs charge 20% to 40% of the investment as administration and other charges at the initial stages. So we cannot expect the high returns until and unless we continue investing atleast 5 years. For instance the ULIP companies charges 20% for the first year, around 12% in the next year, 4% afterwards (Applicable for some schemes only, may vary for each scheme). Coming to the mutual funds, the total charges must not cross 2.5% of the total investment. The investments may have to keep for 2-3 years. Tax saver funds provide the advantage of investing in equity apart from the tax benefit with much lesser administration charges. So I believe the tax saver funds beat the ULIPs. I believe the invester should make wise decision when starting his investment in the equity. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


by cyberien & 4 others
# Create Tell us what you're collecting money for, how much you want to raise, and when you need it by. # Promote Embed the ChipIn Widget on your favorite Web site or create your own ChipIn page at # Collect Let your social network contribute via ChipIn's secure service and collect your funds via PayPal, direct deposit (ACH), or check.


Easy fundraising ideas<br> .:. Free fund raising idea

by chermaz
Other individuals and organizations that run fund raising activities sometimes run out of unique ideas and resort to basic fund raising techniques. Others are just not up for the challenge while others can't afford to take risks with activities that are untested. Whatever their reasons, there are simple, easy ways to raise funds for any cause that are proven to work. Some of them are the following

Fundraising made easy .:. Fund raising idea

by chermaz
Fundraising made easy - Fundraising made easy Other individuals and organizations that run fund raising activities sometimes run out of unique ideas and resort to basic fund raising techniques

Acumen Fund

by rpersivale
solves poverty through capital markets


US Money Market Fund Assets on the Rise

by jmaddock
According to Thursday’s report from the Investment Company Institute, assets of US retail money market mutual funds rose by over $805 million over the last week, to $818.33 billion.

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