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01 August 2006

fryadvocate : Spn : Missed the Mark : fic

by Olivia
AU - What if the Winchester boys had been born girls? Insightful, sweet, awesome characterization. Set pre-series through the Pilot. I'm as in love with GirlDean as I am with BoyDean. <3

05 July 2006

fryadvocate : spn : credo ut intelligam : fic

by Olivia
Clever, smart, and touching. Learning Latin as an extended metaphor; could have easily misfired in the hands of a less-skilled writer. Great characterization. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

20 June 2006

fryadvocate : SPN : Stay : fic

by Olivia
Subtle. Beautiful. The boys are hard and quiet, dedicated and a little cruel. Living only for their crusade, and for each other.

18 June 2006

fryadvocate : SPN : Salvation is for Sinners : fic

by Olivia
Beautiful, interesting exploration of Pastor Jim's character. The Winchesters through Jim's eyes are fresh, unique. Recommended.

10 June 2006

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