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Yosvany Terry Quintet at the Jazz Standard -

by sbrothier
The emblematic tune in Yosvany Terry’s early set at the Jazz Standard on Wednesday night was the closer, “Summer Relief,” a slippery bit of cultural cross talk. It began with a Yoruba chant by the conga player Pedro Martínez, in a call-and-response with the band. A groove materialized, in irregular polyrhythm, and then came a coiled melody assigned to Michael Rodriguez on trumpet and Mr. Terry on alto saxophone.


by sbrothier
Johnny was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. He earned his BFA at Parsons School of Design. After graduating from Parsons, he assisted Mary Ellen Mark for nearly three years. His photography has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, New York Historical Society, Museum of Modern Art, Center for Photography, and the Museum of the City of New York. His work is included in the permanent collections at the George Eastman House, Library of Congress, and the New York Historical Society. He resides in Brooklyn.



The New York Photo Festival | The Future of Contemporary Photography

by sbrothier
ASX on NYPH: Interim Award #3 – WINNER – Johnny Miller & Baptiste Lignel – “Coney Island” - Sometimes the combining of two items, or two individuals, or two styles or two colors, or two races or two nationalities, or two emotions or two boys or two girls or two sexes or two places or two ages or ALL of these things… sometimes these things can work together to provide a result that goes far beyond the simple doubling of the items… something that goes far beyond the 2 + 2 and becomes the 2 squared… an exponential result and so much, much more then if pulled apart. This principal is recited in the business world so much as to become almost cliche (teamwork! partnering! group goals!) and even in marriage it is a mantra at its core. The sum of the parts equals greater than the whole.

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