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Art by Michael Dickinson

by Mal Burns
This is the new site for Micheal Dickinson's montages and other work.

Free Speech War

by Mal Burns
A site which delves into the Palestine occupation issue and other matters. Good selection of embedded movies.

John Sugg: Daniel Pipes and the Danish Editor

by markpasc
"In all of the Lexis-Nexis database of stories from the American media on the Mohammed cartoons, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that Rose is a close confederate of arch-Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. Indeed, there is almost no context at all about

Educators face blowback for protesting Iraq war

by mikepower
Just over three years ago, as the nation readied for war with Iraq, elementary school teacher Deb Mayer stood in front of her class and uttered the word that would get her blacklisted from her profession - 'Peace'

SullyWatch on those cartoons

by mikepower
This was clearly done to bait the European Muslim community. If you take the right, take the responsibility.

Best of Both Worlds

by mikepower
We're still short of any definitive opinion on the row, not helped by the fact that the debate has descended into chronic whataboutery. But there are a few issues that will be ripe for analysis when things settle down...


One Free Minute

by cosyCloud
What would you say, given one free minute of anonymous, uncensored speech?

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