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Game website directory

by jaimin
Tag Directory providing resources for Games and offers free and sponser listing for your website.


Official War Rock Website

by nikkie & 2 others
War Rock is a completely Free2Play FPS featuring modern weaponry and combat vehicles in an online multiplayer setting. War Rock´s multifaceted gameplay will appeal to both new recruits and FPS veterans. Currently in Open Beta, War Rock is populated by thousands of players at any given time in servers all over the world. With a wide variety of customizable weaponry and vehicles, intuitive controls, and multiple battle modes, War Rock is a blast for seasoned FPS veterans and first-timers alike. EASY TO LEARN * Very low entry threshold and immediate access to action-packed frag-fests, even for casual players. FREE2PLAY™ * Unique Free2Play™ access and player options to purchase gameplay enhancing items, services, and products, or play entirely for free FREQUENT UPDATES * Frequent add-ons and updates that include maps, weapons, vehicles, and game-play modes driven by Player Request. EFFICIENT ENGINE * The extremely efficient Jindo game engine supports incredible graphics and high framerates despite low system requirements. VARIETY OF COMBAT EXPERIENCES * Mission scenarios between strike teams, Infantry-level firefights, or even Combined Arms engagements with gunboats, attack helicopters, and tanks – the player makes the choice, not the game.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Full Install for PC Download at GameSpot

by nikkie
From the developer: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free, stand alone, downloadable multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. Do battle in traditional single scenarios, or wage war through a series of linked scenarios in a totally new campaign mode. During combat players gain experience and skill, and through battlefield promotions are awarded additional abilities that remain persistent across an entire campaign. Additionally, new character classes like the Covert Ops as well as enhyanced Engineer allow teams to perform reconnaissance, steal enemy uniforms, and construct battlefield structures and military installations in the midst of combat to gain tactical advantages for their team. All new game modes, maps and communication abilities require players and teams to develop advanced strategies and tactics in the struggle for front line domination.


by nikkie & 2 others
Welcome to the Nexuiz project website. Nexuiz is a 3d deathmatch game project, created online by a team of developers called Alientrap. It is available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux (all the same archive).The first version was released May 31st 2005, released entirely GPL and free over the net, a first for a project of its kind. Since then it has been downloaded over half a million times, and the game is still being updated and developed, currently at version 2.1 and new releases being developed. For more screens of the project and a video see the media page on the navbar, and for more questions or infomation see info or faq. If you would like to help out the project, and encourage more development, you can donate to the team through paypal with the donation link in the navbar.

FEAR - First Encounter Assault Recon

by nikkie
F.E.A.R. Combat is a free multiplayer component from the original PC first-person shooter F.E.A.R., which lets you play against the owners of the retail version of F.E.A.R. as well as the other F.E.A.R. Combat users.

America's Army - Special Forces - Home Page

by nikkie & 5 others
Explore the Army..Free game with nice graphics.

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