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SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009

by wabaus
SourceForge Community Choice Awards for 2009. The best Open Source applications in each category.


Free Knowledge Institute | Unlocking the knowledge society

by jdrsantos
The Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) is a non-profit organisation that fosters the free exchange of knowledge in all areas of society. Inspired by the Free Software movement, the FKI promotes freedom of use, modification, copying and distribution of knowledge in four different but highly related fields: education, technology, culture and science.

Software Livre Portugal - Software Livre na AP

by jdrsantos
Este local é um repositório de conhecimento em software livre (Open Source Software - OSS) das entidades do Estado Português e destina-se a ser um ponto de encontro e troca de experiências entre todos aqueles que, ao serviço do Estado, o utilizam.

Gmane -- Mail To News And Back Again

by jdrsantos & 8 others
Gmane is a mailing list archive. Any public mailing list can be carried by Gmane, but the vast majority of the lists here deal with free software.

LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio

by jdrsantos & 3 others
LMMS aims to be a free alternative to popular (but commercial and closed- source) programs like FruityLoops/FL Studio, Cubase and Logic allowing you to produce music with your computer. This includes creation of loops, synthesizing and mixing sounds, arra


by jdrsantos
Welcome to FOSSwire, a blog about free and open source software. FOSSwire offers news, tutorials, and articles for the open-sourced individual and/or enterprise.


The open-source community's double standard on MySQL | The Open Road - CNET Blogs

by mbertier (via)
When IBM, Adobe, Oracle, Novell, SAP, or other proprietary companies release even a modicum of code, they get universal plaudits. When 100% open-source companies like Red Hat and MySQL rejig the way they release code (while still releasing it and fully complying with open-source licenses), they get tarred and feathered.



by jlemoine & 12 others
LifeType est une plateforme libre d'hébergement de blogs.


by jlemoine & 38 others
HowtoForge is the source for Linux tutorials. Publish your howtos on HowtoForge. HowtoForge provides free hosting for Linux tutorials and discussion forums for everything related to Linux.


by jlemoine & 2 others
Hachoir est un projet permettant de lire toutes les informations contenues dans un fichier binaire. Effectivement, contrairement aux fichiers textes qui se lisent facilement : qui aujourd'hui est capable d'analyser le contenu d'une image PNG à l'aide d'u


by jlemoine & 10 others
GParted LiveCD contient le logiciel de partitionnement du projet GNOME. Il est distribué sous la forme d’une image ISO de 28 Mo.

GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique

by jlemoine & 1 other
GLPI est une application libre, distribuée sous licence GPL destinée à la gestion de parc informatique et de helpdesk. GLPI est composé d'un ensemble de services web écrits en PHP qui permettent de recenser et de gérer l'intégralité des composante

Fully Automatic Installation (Debian)

by jlemoine
FAI est un ensemble de scripts et d'exécutables qui sert à installer automatiquement des machines sous Debian GNU/Linux.

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