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April 2009

March 2009

jsregex - Super Simple Regex Tester

by xibe
Enter your regex above. Type some text here. See the result below.

File Style Plugin for jQuery

by srcmax

Browsers do not let you style file inputs. File Style plugin fixes this problem. It enables you to use image as browse button. You can also style filename field as normal textfield using css. It is written using JavaScript and jQuery.

February 2009


by MIMATA & 1 other
Personnalisation, styler un formulaire, input, upload, textarea

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Top 100 AJAX 'form' related scripts for 2007 | Nobox Media

by MIMATA (via)
Super liste de trucs en ajax, mootools et effets javascript web 2.0. Une mine !

September 2008

Rock Solid Form Validation With xHTML, CSS and jQuery

by damdec
So you know how to code rock solid HTML into your forms, you even know some styling techniques, but client-side validation is still a pain to implement.