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Uniform - Sexy forms with jQuery

by nhoizey
"Have you ever wished you could style checkboxes, drop down menus, radio buttons, and file upload inputs? Ever wished you could control the look and feel of your form elements between all browsers?"


Wheel 2.0: Jason Huck’s Devblog | jQuery Combo Select Redux

by nhoizey
I have automated the process of transforming a normal multiselect input element into a comboselect with the (aptly named) comboselect plugin.


digitalBush » Masked Input Plugin

by nhoizey & 12 others
This is a masked input plugin for jQuery. Currently this is a alpha release. A mask is defined by a format made up of mask and wildcard characters. Any character not in the wildcard character list below is considered a mask character.

2006 jQuery date picker

by nhoizey
This jQuery plugin allows you to easily add “date picker” calendars to you HTML forms. These calendars make it much quicker, easier and less error prone for people to input certain types of dates

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