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GitFlow considered harmful

by Spone (via)
GitFlow is probably the most popular Git branching model in use today. It seems to be everywhere. It certainly is everywhere for me personally - practically every project at my current job uses it, and often it's the clients themselves who have chosen it. I remember reading the original GitFlow article back when it first came out. I was deeply unimpressed - I thought it was a weird, over-engineered solution to a non-existent problem. I couldn't see a single benefit of using such a heavy approach. I quickly dismissed the article and continued to use Git the way I always did (I'll describe that way later in the article). Now, after having some hands-on experience with GitFlow, and based on my observations of others using (or, should I say more precisely, trying to use) it, that initial, intuitive dislike has grown into a well-founded, experienced distaste. In this article I want to explain precisely the reasons for that distaste, and present an alternative way of branching which is superior, at least in my opinion, to GitFlow in every way.

GitLab Flow | GitLab

by Spone & 1 other
Version management with git makes branching and merging much easier than older versioning systems such as SVN. This allows a wide variety of branching strategies and workflows. Almost all of these are an improvement over the methods used before git. But many organizations end up with a workflow that is not clearly defined, overly complex or not integrated with issue tracking systems. Therefore we propose the GitLab flow as clearly defined set of best practices. It combines feature driven development and feature branches with issue tracking.

Why developers hate being interrupted · Belfast · The Tomorrow Lab

by Spone & 2 others
Interruptions are to developers what kryptonite is to Superman—they kill productivity and there’s a significant recovery period. There are two types of interruption: the planned meeting and the one where someone walks over to your desk to talk to you (or if you’re unlucky enough to have a desk phone it’s when the phone rings). The random interruption is akin to walking up to a someone building a lego tower, kicking it over and expecting them to continue from where they were the moment before you arrived. The planned meeting is a lot longer and kills productivity before, not just during and after. So, there are two types of problem that need addressed here.


Le FLOW : l'expérience optimale ou autotélique (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990, 2004, 2005) - Bloc-notes de Jean Heutte : sérendipité, phronésis et atharaxie sont les trois mamelles de l'Épicurien de la connaissance ;-)

by Takwann
Csikszentmihalyi [1] (1975) a voulu identifier les conditions qui pouvaient caractériser les moments que les gens décrivaient parmi les meilleurs de leur vie. Il a interrogé des alpinistes, des joueurs d’échec, des compositeurs de musique et d’autres personnes qui consacraient beaucoup de temps et d’énergie à des activités pour le simple plaisir de les faire sans recherche de gratifications conventionnelles comme l’argent ou la reconnaissance sociale. Les résulats de ces recherches lui ont permit de définir le concept de l’expérience optimale qu’il appelle "flow [2]" (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990) qui réfère à l’état subjectif de se sentir bien (Csikszentmihalyi & Patton, 1997).




by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
ProtoFlow is a coverflow effect written in Javascript. It uses Prototype and Scriptaculous to do bulk of the work and it uses Reflection.js to do all the image reflections stuff!

Tantek's Thoughts — 2008 April - on open flow

by springnet
the book I'm currently reading is titled "Flow", thanks to my new super friend Tara Brown, who somehow knew exactly where my head was at and gave it to me to read just last week. It's a really good sequel in many ways to David Allen's Getting Things Done


garden ecology article

by jgrogan
Energy flow (food chains and food webs) Nutrient cycling Community interrelationships Ecosystem change

Calculating Animal Caloric Requirements

by jgrogan
This menu lists pages concerned with energy flow in the biosphere. Energy comes from the sun: plants capture some of it and turn it into carbohydrates as they build their bodies. Animals are dependent on plants and eat them.


Industrial Flow Meters

by sylviam
Companies that manufacture and provide services involving industrial flow meters - pump meter, flow valves, meter calibration, etc.


Blastro - Great Contests

by blastro99
Hustle and Flow Contest from Blastro


The Art of Work

by isolabig
What would happen if the best moments of your life happened at the office? That would be "flow," and thanks to a guy with an unpronounceable name, more and more businesses want to know about it.

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