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Play Age of Kingdom

by axlarry (via)
Lead your kingdom through the dark age and advance to the modern and robotic ages. Provide home and food for your citizen. Trade to get some cash or material. Train your soldiers and protect your land from your neighbouring enemies.

A Time for Survival

by axlarry (via)
Survive for the allotted time using your mouse and shrinking ability. Buy upgrades if you fail and try again.

Shattered Colony - tower defense game

by axlarry (via)
Awesome tower defense game! Build towers, collect and manage resources to expand and destroy zombies.

RG Racer 3D Racing Game

by axlarry & 1 other (via)
New addicting racing game! Play single race or one on one competition in this 3d racing game.


Bike games

by axlarry (via)
A great place to play motor bike racing games, bmx games, stunt dirt bike, and pimp my bike games.


Orisinal Flash Games

by fedmich - Flash games by Ferry Halim with These Little Pigs, Bubble Bees, Chicken Wings, Bum Bum Koala, Snowbowling, Dare Dozen, Cranky Crabs, and more!


Free adobe flash tutorials, actionscript tutorials, flash discussion forums

by cgshelf
CGShelf is a unique tutorial destination that provides distinctively creative and comprehensive tutorials for cg artists across the globe. It’s an abode where the highest levels of creativity and technology come together. CGShelf create easy to use, well laid out and step-by-step CG tutorials on the Internet. CGShelf offers a collection of tutorials for flash and actionscript. CGShelf tutorials are aimed for beginners, intermediate and advanced readers.

Maggie Market

by wongoiwah
This site is in Chinese. It gives you so much fun! You can read the diary entries, play flash games and download funny MSN emoticons and wallpaper. Go and have a look!

Myspace Games

by luke777
Look for Myspace Games? Or just wana play some games for FREE? With a database of over 4 thousand games updated daily ... you cant go wrong ....


Alexa Street - Online Stockmarket Game

by Duilen
Alexa Street is a stock market game where you buy and sell website stock in anticipation of Alexa rankings.

Alchemy Strategy Guide

by Duilen
Alchemy is an online puzzle game where you place like colored/symboled runes together. The object is to place a rune on each square of the board to clear the level. This strategy guide details a few sound strategies you can use to snag a high score.

MySpace Games, Flash Games, Online Games

by inferno3387 (via)
Play flash games, myspace games, online games at

by richone
Enjoy free online flash games, shockwave games and multiplayer games!

Mystery Twister - Cryptology

by aerphis
Mystery Twister - Cryptology


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