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1001 films a voir

by sushi
son 1001 peliculas que hay que ver antes de morir.


Cinéma : actu, chroniques et dossiers -

by Fluctuat & 1 other (via)
L' actu cinéma vue par : chroniques des films en salles, dossiers, interviews vidéo des cteurs et réalisateurs + les dernirs billets postés sur Ecrans, le blog ciné et DVD. En direct du festival de Cannes. - tracker (torrent)

by phenometal
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Sous Titres Français pour vos films !

by BackJump & 2 others
Subthermix est un excellent site qui regroupe plusieurs milliers de sous titres français. J'y ai toujours trouvé les sous titres que je cherchais...


Worth Looking Films in 2006

by realest
Not the best but worth looking films

Fiches de films cinema et dvd

by stoff
Des dizaines de milliers de fiches gratuites de films cinéma, des affiches cinéma, les dernieres actualites du ciné et de vos acteurs preferés.

Filmstalker: Ghost Rider trailers

by richb
There are two trailers now online for Ghost Rider including an official release date. Which is better, International or Domestic?

Filmstalker: Pirates porn film with no porn!

by richb
The most expensive and successful adult film to date, Pirates, is to get a non-porn release - the directors cut?

Filmstalker: Banning and Censoring - A necessary evil?

by richb
How do you feel about film censorship? When does it become censorship instead of just part of the creative process?

Filmstalker: Da Vinci Code prequel

by richb
Unsurprisingly there's talk of a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code already, and again without shock the book that seems to have been chosen is Angels and Demons and will be gracing us in a prequel movie.

Clerks 2 has audio commentary in cinema

by richb & 1 other
Here's a bizarre but highly imaginative marketing idea for the cinema, audio commentaries. Apparently Kevin Smith has recorded an audio commentary specifically for Clerks 2 and to be shown in cinemas, well not exactly shown, let me explain.

Transformers script reviewed

by richb
The script for the new Transformers movie has apparently leaked out and has now been reviewed online. The verdict? A fan boy's dream.

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