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Big Bang Film Festival Awaits Your Entries

by sar420 (via)
The 2008 Big Bang Film Festival promises to be a spectacular affair. Submissions are open for the 5-day event starting October 1.


Film Flap

by retrofilms
Movie reviews, commentary, filmmaking resources and more! Great site for the cinema fan and the low budget indie director alike.



by antoniomokarzel & 9 others
Motion graphics, design, animation, filmaking, vfx and bombastic banter

Roane Sky taste like chicken

by RoaneSky (via)
A filmmaker artist type thinks he knows all the answers about the nagging questions about life. That's right, who cut the cheese, and who was there to witness it?

Shooting Super-16mm On A Low Budget

by dan_aka_jack
This article will first look at some of the reasons for shooting on film and will then go on to consider cost effective ways of shooting on super-16mm.

First Response

by dan_aka_jack
More often than not we know more about the film we are going to see than we need to. It leads to us being conservative in our choices and stops us from appreciating film's greatest pleasure: spontaneously responding to what is happening on the screen. You never forget your first time

Short Films ... on 35mm!

by dan_aka_jack
This is a happy marriage of promotion and inspiration. Captial FX, a post-production facility, has awarded five independent filmmakers by transferring their work to 35mm. This means they can apply to prestigious film festivals, and possibly even secure a theatrical release.

by antoniomokarzel
The online community for filmmaking

Johan Steen - 3D Portfolio, CG Artist

by artstorm
CG Journal of Johan Steen - CG Artist and Filmmaker. Behind the scenes of my research in the art of 3D animation, CG Characters and filmmaking.


The Chronicles of Narnia Sony ImageWorks/Rythm & Hues (2005) Movie News, Articles, Images. - CG Explorer

by xaxxy (via)
Latest news about Disney's movie based on C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. Director: Andrew Adamson. Release date: 9 December 2005.

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