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September 2015

Sur les bancs

by gregg
Sur les Bancs est la première application de réalité augmentée sonore qui propose des bulles de fictions géolocalisées en son 3D dans les parcs et jardins de la ville de Paris. Cette application te permettra de repérer les histoires qui se trouvent autour de toi et d'être notifié de la parution de nouveaux épisodes. Une voix à gauche, une autre à droite, te voilà physiquement au milieu d'un dialogue entre deux personnages écrit par un romancier français. A chaque banc, une histoire, à chaque fois une fiction courte (5 min), vivante, drôle ou émouvante. Entre les bancs, les histoires se répondent, les personnages voyagent, certaines histoires se prolongent pour nourrir cette revue sonore en constante évolution. A vos casques, prêt partez !

The Age of Turing

by gregg
Welcome to The Age of Turing, an immersive and interactive game experience. Here you will find a quick guide to get you started. Follow the links provided to explore the universe and to talk directly to the characters on Twitter.

Skammekrogen - The Doghouse

by gregg
Immerse yourself in another reality via the stunning Oculus Rift VR Headset as part of Mads Damsbo and Johann Knattrup Jensen’s first-person perspective interactive installation The Doghouse. Set to feature at Digital Biscuit 2015, this audacious work immerses the perceiver in “first-person reality”, placing him/her inside the story as never before possible, seeing as though through the eyes of the characters.

August 2015

Actual Sunlight

by gregg
A Short Interactive Story About Love, Depression and the Corporation

January 2015


by gregg
Six years ago, James – a demolition expert – returned from the Gulf War. Explore James’ mind as his vision fails and his past collides with his present. PRY is a book without borders: a hybrid of cinema, gaming, and text.

September 2014


by gregg
Mets-toi dans la peau d'une personne en situation de détresse.

August 2014


by gregg
Six personnes sont suspectées d’avoir tué le propriétaire de leur immeuble parce que ce dernier avait caché des caméras dans leurs appartements afin de les filmer à leur insu et d’exhiber leur vie privée.

Je t'attends toujours : expérience interactive

by gregg
En 1995, Jean-Philippe, un adolescent passionné d’astronomie disparaît mystérieusement. Presque vingt ans plus tard, son frère, Carl, découvre des documents restés secrets qui l’entraînent dans une quête personnelle et troublante remettant en cause sa vie et ses souvenirs. Le film "Je t'attends toujours" retrace cet épisode de la vie de Carl. Même si depuis, Carl a décidé d'arrêter ses recherches, le mystère autour de la disparition de Jean-Philippe reste encore à élucider. C'est dans cette optique que nous rendons public l'ensemble des documents réunis par Carl.

Cloud Chamber

by gregg
“One of the first ever online multiplayer story games, where the main gameplay mechanic is not combat -- it's discussion”

by gregg
We've all experienced the annoyance of conference calls. Well meet, a piece that takes a hilarious look at conference calls. Created by Zach Scott, the piece randomizes audio and images so that each conference call you attend proceeds in a new way. Apparently participants have been attempting to get the deliverables to management since January 2, 2014.

July 2014

Loves of a Cyclops

by gregg
Here's a beautiful, simple branching narrative project called Loves of a Cyclops. Created on a very limited budget the project features lovely aesthetics and a comprehensive site with lots of story bits and pieces to explore.

The Nether

by gregg
The Nether offers complete freedom – a new virtual wonderland provides total sensory immersion. Just log in, choose an identity and indulge your every desire.

Enter The Lodge

by gregg
Welcome to Enter The Lodge, a fan-made work of “Twin Peaks” Twitter fiction. This project is produced by “Twin Peaks” fans for “Twin Peaks” fans, to celebrate the characters created by David Lynch, Mark Frost and the rest of the show’s writers and producers.

June 2014

▶ Love & Engineering - an interactive film - YouTube

by gregg
Aren't you always wondering what is actually going on at the other side of your online chat? In this interactive film, you can find out. Click the buttons on the left of the screen to switch between characters or story worlds at any moment. The chat conversation stays the same throughout and will guide you through. Confused? A click on the menu button on top allows you to play each story from its beginning.


by gregg
Pour reconstruire Haïti, saurez-vous faire les bons choix ? Quatre ans après le séisme, embarquez avec nous dans ce reportage-fiction multimédia.

Phrenic – Mike Vogel

by gregg
Phrenic is a thriller you watch, read, and play. It’s got episodes, an iOS app, Choose Your Own Adventure stories, short fiction, interactive websites, and we’re even making a Phrenic movie. It all takes place in a world of cloning, nanotechnology, madness, and murder.

April 2014

NFB/Interactive - Circa 1948

by gregg & 1 other
Enter the shadows of Vancouver, BC, circa 1948, through this immersive interactive art app for iPad and iPhone.

by gregg
Him" the website has an interactive element allowing users to converse with the pseudo “operating system" that Bjorn has created. You can chat with it about the complex or mundane, and even play with its knowledge of pop culture—it finishes the sentence “What’s the time?” with, “It’s time to get ill.


by gregg
une petite expérience interactive qui vous plonge dans le quotidien d'un malade d'Alzheimer.


by gregg
Imagine yourself in bizarre employment at the Widsith Institute, excavating the possessions of a man long dead. Don the Dutch Frame, meet the mysterious Clerk Wayle, climb the terrifying Shushbaby. Descend to the Marvel Ouse. Become an incubator for privileged new diseases. Black Crown is a free-to-play investigative epic from Rob Sherman, using Failbetter Games' Storynexus platform.

March 2014

1979 Revolution

by gregg & 1 other
Starting its own revolution, 1979 Revolution pushes the boundaries of premium gaming. Offering mature narrative, with new media storytelling (historical assets, documentary content, graphic novel cinematics) and both suspenseful and engaging gameplay. All the while, natively designed for the touchscreen, 1979 allows wider audiences accessibility to the experience.

February 2014

Depression Quest: An Interactive (non)Fiction About Living with Depression

by gregg
Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game where you play as someone living with depression. You are given a series of everyday life events and have to attempt to manage your illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment.

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