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fic: "Wasn't Planning", Cedric/Fleur, R, [queendm]

by riseoverrun
"He wasn’t enamored with her in the beginning. Maybe it was because he would swear he was in love with Cho. Then she just started to look different, and he wrote it off as the fact that she was part veela."

fic: "Chicken of the Sea", George Michael/Maeby, PG, [one900]

by riseoverrun
"George Michael’s feet feel heavy and he realizes he’s clutching his sandwich in a death grip. Well, death grip meaning slightly harder than usual."

fic: "untitled 005", [yueni]

by riseoverrun
"He runs a long finger down her cheekbone, exquisite, chiseled, straight line of classic beauty."

fic: "Signal to Noise", [mcee and _cee]

by riseoverrun
"But he keeps hearing Hugh's voice echoing in his brain. 'Never without my permission. Never.'"

fic: "So Long: Coda", Mal/Kaylee, R, [moonwhip]

by riseoverrun
"But they have time, they have the whole afternoon, and he's willing to wait while she breathes next to him."

fic: "Not-Staring Contest", Cameron/Chase, PG, [perpet_fic]

by riseoverrun
"He tries not to stare at her. It’s rude, and it’s unprofessional, and while he may have a crush, he’s a grown man who has the ability to keep himself in line."

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